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Twain Harte Lake (Private)

TWAIN HARTE LAKE SUMMER 2013:  Twain Harte Gatehouse or THLA Office:  Ph 209-586-9073.

Check out near the bottom of this page updated information on: Lake Events,
Lake Temperature, Lake Rules, Lake Fishing, and more. 

LAKE ENTRY PROCEDURE: Paper tickets are no longer utilized to gain entry.  Electronic debits to the members' account is now implemented.

EASY WEB PAGE ACCESS:  Want to check only Twain Harte Lake information?  In the future you can go directly to this page by entering or



Twain Harte Lake Association Business Office, 22933 Twain Harte Drive, P.O. Box 338, Twain Harte, CA.,  95383.   Hours M-F  9am-noon.

Twain Harte Lake Gatehouse: 18175 Lakeview Dr. (at Sonora), Twain Harte, CA  95383    9am-8pm every day.  Ph: (209)586-9073 or (209)586-4449; 
THLA Email:  

Susan White, 89-00            Donald Middleton, 90-91     Carl Leuder, 91-92
Sunny Seabrook, 92-93      George Simon, 93-94          George Cumming, 94-95
Carl Olson, 95-96                Bill Steel, 96-97                   Jean Moody, 97-98
Ken Doty, 97-98                  George Simon, 99-00          David Olson, 00-01
Larry Qvistgaard, 01-02      Tim Ewing, 02-03                Jim Johnson, 03-04
John Kinsfather, 04-05        Karen Zimmerman,05-06    Jeanne Lawton, 06-07
Fritz Maurer, 07-08             Rohn Mein, 08-09                Bob Hill, 09-10
Dennis Hart,  10-11             David Hawkins, 11-12         David Hoyt, 12-13



A water temperature history is provided below. Water temps peak end of July.

The Twain Harte Lake officially opens to members and guests Memorial Day weekend  and closes Labor Day weekend . No lifeguards are available outside of that period, but swimming and lake use continues into Fall.  The 2008 season began a new lake admission methodology. Lake entry by electronic debit to member's account is required for each person--adult or child.  All guests must be accompanied by members, unless guest is using member's cabin.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Twain Harte Lake is a private 7-acre stream-fed lake on 56 acres of buffer land at the west end of the village. It has a long sandy beach, two water slides, children's swings, diving boards, restrooms at west and east ends, a Snack Shack--and, a serene setting amongst large Sugar Pines. The lake is stocked with fish for children under 16 years to fish (limit 3 fish)--so bring the fishing rod!

No food or drinks may be brought into the lake property or consumed there. Only water in clear bottles is allowed. Food purchased at the Snack Shack must be eaten west of the beach area in designated eating areas.  There is no smoking anywhere inside the lake property. Some visitors go to the parking lot where they eat from their car tailgates and smoke at a 'smoke bench' provided with a butt can.

The Snack Shack provides a wide variety of foods, non-alcoholic drinks, and ice cream and icees.

Lifeguards are on duty from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day weekend. Annual events, such as the 4th-of-July BBQ, the Summer Water Carnival, and twice-weekly Bingo are just some of the planned lake activities. See 'Lake Events' below.

Twain Harte Lake is a private lake, with a membership of local Twain Harte property owners, for use by their family, friends or guests. Membership fees and annual dues are administered by itís Board of Directors elected by the membership according to the By-laws. In the late 2008 Season, 50 new memberships were filled from the waiting list. Presently no more memberships are available, and new openings continue to be filled from a $50/year fee waiting list. Membership thus increased from 750 to 800 member-families.

LAKE DIRECTIONS:   18175 Lakeview Dr.:  West on Golf Club Drive then south at Sonora Dr.
LAKE WATER LEVEL:   The lake is full now.

72 degrees F. (June 16, 2013)
80 degrees F. (July 4, 2013)
72 degrees F. (August 11, 2013)


79 degrees F. (Jul 2/11)


69 degrees F (Jun 1/09)
76 degrees F. (Jul 4/09)

78 degrees F. (Aug 25, 2008)
79 degrees F. (July 15, 2008)
72 degrees F  (June 9,2008)
60 degrees F.  (May5, 2008)
66 degrees F.  (May 23, 2008)

70 degrees F.  (May 19, 2007)
74 degrees F.  (June 20, 2007)
80 Degrees F.  (Jul 29, 2007)
75 degrees F.  (Sep 4, 2007)

78 degrees F.  (July 1, 2006)
80 degrees F.  (July 19, 2006)
70 degrees F.  (Sep 1/06)

46 degrees F.  (February 12, 2005)
52 degrees F.  (March 28, 2005)
60 degrees F.  (April 17, 2005)
55 degrees F.  (May 10, 2005)
70 degrees F.  (May 28, 2005)
76 degrees F.  (June 12, 2005)
78 degrees F.  (July 4, 2005)
80 degrees F.  (July 30, 2005)
74 degrees F.  (Sept 1, 2005)
50 degrees F.  (Dec 25, 2005)

50 degrees F.  (March 12, 2004)
52 degrees F.  (April 17, 2004)
66 degrees F.  (May 7, 2004)
70 degrees F.  (May 27, 2004)
72 degrees F.  (June 12, 2004)
78 degrees F.  (July 5, 2004)
80 degrees F.  (July 23, 2004)
78 degrees F.  (August 1, 2004)
75 degrees F.  (August 8, 2004)
74 degrees F.  (August 28, 2004)
67 degrees F.  (September. 21, 2004)
61 degrees F.  (October 8, 2004)
48 degrees F.  (November 7, 2004)
45 degrees F.  (December 22, 2004, 50% full)

LAKE AIR TEMPERATURE:   Click on 'TH Weather' on left.
LAKE FISHING:   Children 16 years of age or younger
may fish at the inlet or off the south side docks from 9am-8pm, and off the dam 6pm to 8pm. Limit 3 fish.  The lake is stocked with fish.


(NOTE: Private Membership! Lake Entry qualification required.  Tickets are  obsolete beginning 2008 season and electronic debits now implemented for entry.)
February-March   Lake Filling Begins
March   Lifeguard Recruiting Begins
May 25, 2013 Opening Day!  Memorial Day Weekend.
June 18 -Aug 15, 2013

July 9 & Aug 6, 2013

  Bingo every Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm in the Snack Shack area.

Star Shows starting at dusk.  Thursday nights.  Bring a folding chair, flashlight and blanket or warm sweater. All shows begin at dusk

July 6, 2013 9:30am

July 6, 2013  2pm
Annual THLA Members Meeting
 July 6, 2013 at 9:30 a.m.
 in the auditorium of the Black Oak School, 18995 Twain Harte Drive, Twain Harte, up the hill from the market.

Annual Kid's Flag Parade 2pm. Free.

Also July 6,  Annual BBQ at the Lake, 5-8 pm. Members receive 2 tickets free.   First seating 5pm, second seating at 6pm. Tickets limited. 
July 8-12, 2013
Session 1
  Free Swim Lessons 9-10am Monday-Friday. Open to all area children. Lake Membership not required for lessons.
July 15-19, 2013
Session 2
  Free Swim Lessons 9-10 am Monday-Friday.  Open to all area children. Lake Membership not required for lessons.
  Not planned yet for 2013.  Annual "Dance Under the Stars"   with Buffet.   Advance tickets at the gatehouse.
August 6, 2013   Final Star Show starting at dusk on the Rock.  Bring a folding chair, flashlight and blanket.
August 3, 2013   8-9 am   & 10:30am   WATER CARNIVAL -- BEACH EVENTS

Annual Sand Castle building 9am; Beach Races 10:30am, all on the children's area beach.   Times Approximate.  Kids 6-13. Judging at 9am;  Kids' Beach races  10:30 am.
August 3, 2013  1pm

Annual Water competition; All ages water races,  & diving.  On The Rock.
September 2, 2013   "Survivor's"  Potluck Picnic at the Lake, 5 pm;
Labor Day Monday Sept 2. 2013 at the Lake.  Inquire at gatehouse.

Closing Day--lifeguards no longer on duty after today. Security patrols Lake.

Note: This condensed list of Twain Harte Lake Rules was adapted by  from the "THLA General Rules".  The full THLA rules are available for review at the Lake Gatehouse. 

1. NO RUNNING: No running on the bridge, on decks and patios, on the rock, on the beach or on the floatation rafts.
2. NO FOOD, ALCOHOL or BBQ's:  BBQ's, food, alcohol, lunches, snacks and drinks are not allowed on the Lake premises--except that which is purchased and consumed in the Snack Shack Area.  Drinking water in clear plastic containers is allowed.
3.  NO DOGS OR ANIMALS:  Dogs and other animals are strictly prohibited on the Lake premises at ALL times--day or night!
4. NO SMOKING: The use of tobacco in any form is not allowed within the fenced confines of the Lake property.  This includes the beach, the rock and Snack Shack areas.  Outside the gatehouse, there is a designated smokers' bench--with a butt-can--provided for smoking. 
4. BABY SWIMMERS: Children or babies that are not "potty-trained" may enter the water if they are wearing a swimsuit. Diapers, including swim diapers, are not allowed in the water.
5. UNSUPERVISED CHILDREN:  Children under age 12 must be accompanied by a responsible person 16 years of age or older who is also on the lake premises. 
6. FLOATATION & SHADE DEVICES: No paddle boards or boats are allowed inside roped areas.  Due to space and safety concerns, large, oversized flotation and blow-up toys are not allowed on Lake property.  Single mattresses, rings for small children, dinghy or inflatable boats are permitted but may not be secured or stored on lake property overnight.  Only standard beach umbrellas are permitted for shade. Four-post shade structures, or variations thereof, are not allowed anywhere.
7.  SWIMMING ABILITY: All swimmers under age 16 who want to swim outside the shallow roped swimming areas without an accompanying adult must pass a swim test.  Lifeguards may require ANY swimmer to pass the test if there is concern about his or her swimming ability and safety.
8.  AUDIO EQUIPMENT: Radios, tape players, CD & MP3 players, etc. on Lake property or the Lake parking area may only be used with headsets which cannot be heard by others.
9. FISHING:  Permitted for children age 16 and under from 9am-8pm at the lake inlet and from the south docks; fishing also from the dam 6-8pm.  Limit 3 fish per qualified child.
10. PARKING:  No overnight (dusk to dawn)  parking or camping is permitted on lake property or adjacent parking area.