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TH Homeowner's Group

The Twain Harte Homeowner’s Group is an informal, private and closed organization.  The officers are not elected. There are no bylaws or financial reports available. The group meets regularly, but there are no provisions for homeowner-members' attendance or participation at meetings.  To contact Homeowners call (209) 586-4750.

President-John Kinsfather
Vice President-Jim Johnson
Residential-Gary Bogolea
Publicity-Barbara Allendorf
Website-Bob Coulter
Community Cleanup-Bob Coulter
Beautification-Julie Cowell & Rohn Mein
Project Coordinator-George Leontovich
Commercial-John Lang
Recording Secretary-Lin Menary


Twain Harte Village News  July/August/September  2006

  • SEP: The THCSD has now scaled back the Trail and Creek restoration to "bare bones" because the project priorities were set upside-down by spending a disproportionate amount of the Grant Funds on the private Twain Harte Golf Club and Eproson Park parking lot, an additional bathroom, and lighting. The Golf Course   reneged in the end on trading land to accommodate the trail, even though the golf course gets FREE water from the THCSD and a new parking lot at no cost. The project is adversely impacted by the newbie General Manager Pete Kampa's planned departure for a TUD position beginning December 1, 2006.
  • SEP: Attorney David Axelrod initiates a letter to THCSD claiming the summer Assessment Election conducted by the THCSD was illegal and unconstitutional.  Local resident Bob Junger asserts, among other issues,  that the Election's non-secret voting is forbidden  by the California Voters Bill of Rights.
  • AUG: Fire Chief Bob Kampvanee  retires August 1st.
  • AUG: Barbara DiBari makes residents aware of the extraordinary funding that will be needed by the Twain Harte Golf Club to fix its major drainage and irrigation problems.
  • AUG: Brian and Valeria Offi from Cooperopolis take over the popular Villa d'Oro Restaurant and Bar in Twain Harte Village.
  • JUL: CSD gives final approval to the Creek Restoration and Trail project, long delayed because of poor engineering which had to be thrown out February 2006 and new plans developed with a consulting Geomorphologist recommended by the Fish and Game Department.
  • JUL: On July 1, 2006, the way community associations have traditionally conducted annual meetings and/or taken votes will be history. This new law, set out in new Civil Code Section 1363.03, will effect how homeowners associations in California will conduct most of its voting and elections.  This new law was premised on the belief that association elections and balloting is "fraught with fraud.
  • JUL: The THCSD Board of Directors adopted its annual budget for all services in June 2006, a summary of which is available in the District Office and on their web site.
  • JUL: The THCSD is seeking contractor bids for the Trail and Creek Projects.

Twain Harte Village News  April/May/June  2006

  • JUN: Twain Harte gets fired up over a neon 'Open' sign outside of The Little Cottage Cafe. Are neon signs appropriate for Twain Harte?  Stay tuned! 
  • JUN: The Twain Harte Community Services Center property assessment tax vote wins a majority of the 'weighted' votes counted .  Properties to pay annual taxes of $49 average for Parks maintenance, new trail and Community Center (American Legion Hall).
  • JUN: JIM HEBERT is selected by Twain Harte Fire & Rescue as the 2005 Firefighter of the Year.
  • JUN:  The County backs down on an ordinance regulating outside seating at Tuolumne County restaurants.
  • JUN: Elections provide for a November 2006 run-off between Murrison and Balbuena for the District 3 County Supervisor position.
  • JUN: The Eproson Park and Twain Harte Golf Club parking lot is re-paved.  Also,  new $122,000 restrooms are installed next to the children's play area.
  • MAY: John Kinsfather was appointed to the THCSD as director.  Larry Qvistgard  and Dennis Spisak also applied to fill the open position.  After brief speeches by candidates, the board unanimously voted for Mr. Kinsfather.
  • MAY: The Twain Harte fire hydrants were tested to re-establish the Insurance Service Organization (I.S.O.) scores.  Twain Harte presently has the best I.S.O. scores in Tuolumne County, thereby lowering fire insurance premiums.
  • MAY: The Twain Harte Parks Assessment debate draws out "Yes" and "No" proponents, spurring formation of the organization FRIENDS OF TWAIN HARTE. Newly formed FRIENDS OF TWAIN HARTE is formed to counter un-necessary growth and taxation in the Twain Harte area.
  • MAY:  Ballots for the TH parks assessment were received May 8/06 and signed non-secret  ballots are due back by June 20/06.
  • MAY: Candidates for Supervisor for District 3 and County Sheriff candidates make their views known to voters in talks and mailings.
  • APR: The THCSD and County agree to work together to rehabilitate the Legion Hall into a Community Hall. Proposition 40 monies are earmarked for other projects.
  • APR: At THDR Committee session, Twain Harte resident Bruce Erickson implores village to better manage signs, eyesores  and messes in village.
  • APR:  The Annual Rotary Easter Egg Hunt was plagued by relentless rainy weather.
  • APR:  THCSD holds a public ballot discussion meeting relating to the proposed assessment increase of properties to fund parks and recreation expansion projects.
  • APR: New Twain Harte Design Guidelines approved by County Board of Supervisors.
  • APR: Sandberg, THCSD Director, will depart after serving since 1977.
  • APR: District 3 is still unrepresented, with Schwarznegger's office in no hurry to appoint someone.
  • APR: Friends of Twain Harte Parks campaigns to encourage "Yes" vote on property tax increase.


Twain Harte Village News January/February/March 2006

  • As of  March 31, 2006, former Supervisor Peterson had not been replaced by Governor Schwarznegger . Peterson passed away October 2005.  The vacancy causes a vacuum and non-representation of District 3 residents (which includes Twain Harte).
  • The Tuolumne County agrees to help get funds for the TH Community Center improvements, even though the pass-through of a grant for $193,000 for this effort was not realized.
  • Local restaurateurs support fiery opposition to the Columbia Planning Commission's  attempt to restrict outdoor dining.
  • Twain Harte and the Motherlode received record snowfalls and rains well into Spring '06, causing local problems.
  • Again this year, Twain Harte's "weekender" property owners were the biggest contributors to the THCSD yearly Christmas donation drive to supplement the Parks and Recreation department funds. Over $20,000 was raised.
  • Bill Bryant, a 37-year THCSD Director and local old-timer, in an interview reminisces about Twain Harte and whether he will once more seek re-election in 2008.
  • The Twain Harte Firefighter's Association and the Women's Auxiliary donated $23,700 to Twain Harte Fire and Rescue to purchase extrication equipment.  Funds came from the Annual Pancake Breakfast, Steve and Diane Kurgan's annual Woody Fest, and sales at the summer Arts and Crafts Fair.
  • The Twain Harte Community Services District propose a new property tax of $49/year (with 3% annual increases) to finance Twain Harte Parks & Recreation Programs. The Community Hall, gifted by the American Legion, now needs unforeseen  improvements of approximately $251,500.  Ballots will arrive early May 2006.
  • Work on the trail on both sides of the Golf Course is scheduled to begin June '06. Parking lot construction and the new restroom installation will begin May'06.  All work should be completed by September 29, 2006.
  • Packy Maxwell assumes THCSD chairmanship from Jim Johnson effective Jan 1/06.
  • The Twain Harte Inn fire-ruins, although now cleared, continues to cause an eyesore in the heart of the village.


Twain Harte Village News   October/November/December 2005

  • The Twain Harte Rotary raised $1,500 at a dinner benefit in support of the Hurricane Katrina victims.
  • The Sierra Mountain Times ran a mock election for a Twain Harte figurehead mayor.  This tongue-in-cheek exercise was more about whether we will ever need to incorporate than who may be the ballot-winner.
  • California's new law requires Homeowner Associations to hold secret elections in order to ensure democracy and maintain the public trust. More and more, the public and policy makers have come to see these Homeowner Associations as a private form of local government. Full details in October 14 issue of Sierra Mountain Times.
  • PG&E performed the water supply canals for yearly maintenance.  All residents were urged to conserve water October 17 thru October 24.
  • An incident at the Vila D'Oro Restaurant & Bar requiring emergency police response to control an unruly drinking crowd spured controversy as to what really happened. In a separate incident that weekend, S.L. Youtz Antiques was robbed at gunpoint.
  • Supervisor Jim Peterson lost his fight with cancer and was laid to rest in graveside ceremonies.  At present five potential candidates have applied to be appointed by Governor Schwarznegger for the remainder of Peterson's term.
  • Mountain Springs mails a color flyer to local county residents to revitalize its dormant bid to develop pristine acreage near the Mountain Springs Golf Course on Lime Kiln Road.
  • The Twain Harte creek restoration and construction of a trail partially circumnavigating the Golf Course was inactive and no public community meetings held or information disseminated.  The Twain Harte Park parking lot resurfacing and new restrooms have been pushed to the top in the competition for grant money.  
  • The Design review Guidelines were made available for resident review and input at the Twain Harte Area Chamber of Commerce and at the Sierra Mountain Times office. The Twain Harte Design Review Committee approved the new guidelines in mid December.
  • The developers of the destroyed Twain Harte Inn property have withdrawn their intention to develop the site and it appears to be placed back on the market.  Most likely, the strict conditions set by the Twain Harte Design Review committee were too much for the owners.
  • Tuolumne County Sheriff Dick Rogers suffers a heart attack and may retire early.
  • The Mug on Fuller road was purchased by new owner Peggy Blue.  No major changes are planned.
  • The Twain Harte Community Services, in conjunction with Twain Harte Homeowners and Partners for Twain Harte, continue to improve the old Legion Hall on Manzanita and turn it into a community center.  Initially thought to require minimal funds to upgrade and operate, the THCSD is seeking $240,000 in grant money for this purpose.  The Community Services Center is now part of the Parks and Recreation of the THCSD and included in that small budget.  A 3rd Annual Christmas letter requesting contributions was mailed to area residents to help supplement this Parks and Rec budget--typically netting about $24,000 each Holiday Season.

Twain Harte Village News     July/August/September 2005

  • The THCSD directors approved a 2005-2006  budget of $1,959,44, a decrease of $18,419 from the previous year. The board also discussed major objectives for the new CSD GM Pete Kampa.
  • Sonora Area Foundation Board member Marylin Knudson continues for a second year as a director.
  • Tuolumne County Supervisor Peterson continues to battle cancer.  He is concerned about the partial closure of CDF fire stations in Blanchard, Sonora and Twain Harte, and funding issues regarding the Tuolumne General Hospital, and tends to business as possible during radiation treatment.
  • Pete Kampa of THCSD discussed better communication for Twain Harte customers. The THCSD now offers advance agenda notices to customers, but no longer provides customers a summary of the monthly board meeting. The board elected to meet only the minimum requirements of the Brown Act.

Twain Harte Village News    April/May/June 2005

  • Supervisor Jim Peterson is fighting cancer and receiving chemotharapy and radiation treatments.
  • THCSD directors approved the 2005-2006 budget June 21 at $1,959,444, a drop of $18,419 from the previous year.  This was GM Kampa's first board meeting.  Don Kasso has retired.
  • The Slash Dump began operating at an extended seven-day-a-week schedule.
  • Local Marilyn Knudson continues as a director of the Sonora Area Foundation.
  • Twain Harte participated in the second annual Memorial Day flag raising.
  • Vallelunga, age 22, was named Firefighter of the Year by the THCSD Fire and Rescue Division.
  • Water rates went up $1 per month and sewer charges increased by $2 for all THCSD customers.
  • Woodys Cabin Outfitters (Diane and Steve Kurgan) win the annual volunteer appreciation award.
  • The Twain Harte Design Review committee is at the center of a local controversy over new guidelines and an expanded review area.


Twain Harte Village News    Jan/Feb/March 2005

  • Memorializing the death of Paul Eby caused hurt feelings when the THCSD and the Twain Harte Rotary disagreed on renaming the Eproson ballfield after him. Ray Eproson's 85-year-old daughter, Wilma Barendregt,  also weighed in and favors not replacing the name Eproson Field .
  • The Twain Harte Community Services District (THCSD) has named Pete Kampa to succeed Don Kasso as General manager effective approximately May 1, 2005.
  • The Twain Harte Trail and Creek Restoration is revamped.  Rick Poore, a Geomorphologist, is hired to re-design the creek restoration, and it's construction is now postponed 'til 2006.  The trail around the golf course , scheduled for 2005, is now also slated to be completed in 2006 .
  • The Twain Harte Design and Review Committee (THDR) has tentatively approved plans to build 15 townhouses at the upper intersection of Tiffeni Drive and Twain Harte Drive .
  • Twain Harte's new fire truck should be delivered by summer '05 .
  • The plan to increase the required clearance around structures from 30 feet to 100 feet was approved, but it may not be enforced in its first year.
  • Christmas donations to THCSD for parks and recreation use exceeded $25,000, with 560 donations. That's only 10% of the area residents contributing anything. Many of the contributions were from part-timers who are not permanent locals.
  • Repair of the American Legion Hall is moving forward.  The group is led by John Kinsfather.  The Park and rec committee is requesting $3,000 to get started on the repairs.
  • The Twain Harte Rotary Club has made a $12,000 grant for the local library expansion. A garage sale was held at the Old American Legion Hall on Manzanita in another effort to support the library.
  • The Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors voted 4-0 in favor of allowing Greg and Lynn Hummel to keep chickens (10 hens and one bantam rooster) on their Twain Harte property.
  • The new owners of the old Twain Harte Inn, Lovet-Morotti-Wilson, have applied for a parcel split that would divide the property into four parcels.  The split would be 0.3 ac. parcels facing Twain Harte Drive for two 3000 sq. ft. commercial buildings; a 1.2 ac. parcel for 16-18 townhomes; and one 3 ac. parcel on Meadow Lane behind 7-11.  At this meeting Jim Peterson discussed expanding the THDR boundaries--in part to control the building of "monster houses".
  • Used "Cell Phones For Soldiers" can can be donated and dropped off anytime during regular business hours at the U.S. Bank on Twain Harte Drive.
  • A Paul Eby Memorial Fund was set up at Central California Bank in Twain Harte.  For more information call Linda at 586-3387 or Barbara at 586-0989.


Twain Harte Village News    2004 Fall/Winter

  •  This summer the old Twain Harte Inn rubble was finally removed and plans for a 3-stage development featuring commercial and residential projects are in the planning stage.
  • The American Legion Hall was transferred to the THCSD and may serve as a Community Hall and sometime rental for approved activities.
  • Tom and Pat Moebs, Rich and Marylyn Knudson, Brad and Lyn Menary , Jim Johnson and John Kinsfather were all recognized at the September 11, 2004 Annual Community Gathering and BBQ.
  • The Twain Harte library won county approval for expansion from 672 sf to 1680 sf,  due largely to the unending efforts of the Twain Harte Rotary.
  • The Twain Harte Times folded and was swiftly replaced by the Sierra Mountain Times.
  • The Partners for Twain Harte, made up of the Twain Harte Homeowners, Rotary International of Twain Harte, Soroptomist International of Twain Harte, Sonora Area Foundation, Twain Harte Area Chamber of Commerce, and Twain Harte Community Services District, has become the local steering committee fostering a cooperative effort to back and fund major undertakings within the community.
  • Stephen Nichols, the driving force behind the THHO monthly organized trash pick-up efforts is continuing to make Twain Harte a tidy place to live or visit.  Now any large organized group or organization can volunteer for the first Tuesday of each month to relieve some of the regulars made up of over 40 households. Winter  dates for assistance are Saturdays December 11, January 8, and February 5. Meet at 10am in Eproson Park.  Just call 586-1064 to help.
  • With great Regret, Paul Eby, legendary and popular Twain Harte resident since 1952 passed away November 20, 2004 at age 81.  The smiling, handsome and popular gentleman will be missed by all who knew him! 

    Mr. Paul Eby owned and operated Sonora Lumber and, later, Twain Harte Materials.  He helped build Eproson Field in 1954.  In 1961 he welcomed the addition of the Twain Harte Golf Course and was the golf club's president from then until 1991.  He and other Rotarians built the par course in Twain Harte and repainted the town arch.  Mr. Eby was extremely active in the community and was a longtime member of the Twain Harte Rotary Club, where he had a perfect attendance for 52 years. (Portions from the
  • The Twain Harte Community Services District plans a community meeting December 21, 2004 at 7pm at the Twain Harte Golf Course to solicit public input on the planned Twain Harte trail around the golf course and the creekbed restoration.

Twain Harte Village News 2004  Spring/Summer

  • The New community flagpole and flag erected next to the Twain Harte Arch will be dedicated on Memorial Day, May 31, 2004 at 11a.m., followed by a hotdog BBQ in Eproson Park.
  • New board member Gary Bogolea was appointed to the Homeowners organization.  Gary handles Residential issues.
  • Twain Harte cleanups continue to take place each first Saturday of the month, co-ordinated by Stephen Nichols.  Anyone can help, just meet at 9am (summers) in Eproson Park.  Steve Derkum has laid out specific cleanup routes with best places to park a car.  Call Stephen Nichols at 586-1064 for more info.
  • Movies-In-The-Park will run at dusk each Friday night  6/18-9/3 in Eproson Park on the Rotary stage. Admission is free.
  • The Annual Meeting of the Twain Harte Homeowners takes place Saturday, July 10, 2004  9:30a.m. at the Twain Harte Golf Club Lodge, 22909 Meadow Drive, Twain Harte.
  • Two projects funded by state and federal grants have been moving ahead.  One, a THCSD project,  is the Twain Harte Creek bed restoration and walkway around the golf course.  The other, a county project, is the Sugar Pine Trail which parallels the Soulsbyville ditch in the Twain Harte portion.  Don Kasso has conducted a tour May 10 of the planned route.
  • The Twain Harte Inn is sold and closed escrow May 13 and presumably the trash will be removed now.
  • Twain Harte Village News    2003  Fall/Winter

  • Under the Arch' has taken on a whole new meaning with its completion. This was a great undertaking, which involved the whole community.
  • The new Skateboard Park construction is underway for the local youth.
  • In spring or summer a new walking trail from Eproson Park and the Golf Course will begin, funded by state grants.
  • Larry Qvistgaard is taking over the key job of Residential Watchdog... helping Twain Harte Homeowners deal with residential problems such as, abandoned cars, unsightly properties, and the like.
  • The County Department of Public Works will need proper funding to maintain our local roads after they deteriorate from the winter. They always do their best patching and repairing the potholes.
  • The Second Twain Harte Community Service Awards were presented to Steve Kurgan, Wes Jordan and Gary Aldrich (for arch efforts), as well as Peter van Houten, Mike McCaffry, our CSU Team , and Lynn and Dick Merrifield.
  • The Beauty of Twain Harte is accented by our new flags. More are to be added, but funds are needed. Contact Jerrie Rhine at the Chamber office, 209-586-4482 for more information on how to contribute.
  • The Twain Harte Library is now the proud owner of a new refurbished copy machine, thanks to Barbara Allendorf.
  • The community stone circle wall construction around the big tree in town was assisted by Glenn Woosley (G. Woosley Landscaping), Chris Bjornmose (masonry work expert), Scott Rose (Rose Plumbing) for the irrigation system and many many others.
  • Alpine Interiors has opened next to the Eproson House Restaurant.
  • The old house at the County Pool got a fresh coat of paint after the dead trees were removed.
  • A confirmed rumor has it that a new popular priced restaurant is in the works in the Twain Harte shopping Center, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • The word is that new owners are in the works for Villa d’Oro. When finished, Mike and Anna will bring their son, an executive chef in the bay area, up to be the new chef at a remodeled Villa d’ Oro. Plans are to open in December ‘03.
  • 'Captain Litter', aka Stephen Nichols, needs your help the morning of the first Saturday of each month, to pick up litter in and around Twain Harte. Volunteers meet at Eproson Park at 9am to pick up tools and to be assigned an area. Call him at 209-586-1064 if you’d like to help.
  • The Run, Bike and Swim Triathlon 2003 this October was a huge success-- and very exciting to watch, as athletes in all age groups biked and ran through the village and swam in Twain Harte Lake. Awards were presented at Eproson Park. Don’t miss it in 2004!
  • Fire safety concerns will be at the forefront this spring. We don’t want to experience what S. California went through the Fall of 2003!  Since Sierra Pacific Industries no longer takes slash, and Cal Sierra rates are out-of-sight, a program is being planned to haul away street-side vegetation cuttings and needles during this one-day event. Date to be announced but, plan for it now.