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THCSD (Twain Harte Community Services District)

The Twain Harte Community Services District is responsible for the local water, sewer and fire protection, as well as the parks and recreation facilities of Twain Harte (including the tennis courts on Marquis and the newly acquired  Legion Hall on Manzanita Drive).  The THCSD General Manager is  Pete Kampa .  

Packy Maxwell, Board Chairman
William Bryant, Board Member
Jim Johnson, Board Member
John Kinsfather, Appointed Board Member (Effective  5/06)
Richard Knudson, Board Member
Robert Sandberg, Board Member (Resigned 5/06)
Pete Kampa, General Manager
Bob Kemp Van Ee, Fire & Rescue Chief
Paul Krawchuck, Operations Manager
Yvonne Hilton, Board Secretary



Board of Directors Meeting

June 21, 2005


The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Twain Harte Community Services District was called to order by President Johnson at 7:00 p.m.

DIRECTORS PRESENT: Jim Johnson, William M. Bryant, Packy Maxwell and Richard Knudson.

DIRECTORS ABSENT: Robert Sandberg.

OTHERS PRESENT: General Manager Pete Kampa, Asst. Secretary Y. Hilton, Operations Manager Krawchuk and Fire Chief Kemp Van Ee.

This meeting is on tapes #128 & 129.

AUDIENCE: Richard and Lynn Merrifield, Larry Qvistgaard, B.J. Sibley and Carole Cummings.

ORAL COMMUNICATIONS: Lynn Merrifield expressed concern regarding the upkeep of the tennis courts.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT: On behalf of the Board, President Johnson welcomed General Manager Pete Kampa, his wife Laura and daughter Kristen to the District. "We appreciate your efforts, ideas and thoughts over the past few weeks. We look forward to a lot of good times ahead."


CONSENT CALENDAR: Director Knudson moved to approve the consent calendar consisting of the financial statements through May 31 and minutes of May 17th. Director Bryant seconded and the motion carried with all members present voting AYE.


Water/Sewer Committee

Operations Report

The following points were covered and committee meeting notes appended herein.

  • Establish a regular committee meeting schedule to be the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 10:00 a.m.
  • Water/Sewer budget.
  • Prevailing wage, CEQA and bidding requirements.
  • Water/Sewer system construction standards.
  • Unauthorized encroachments.
  • Water/Sewer system maintenance projects.
  • Sherwood Forest Tank.


The following points were covered and committee meeting notes are appended herein.

  • Establish a regular committee meeting schedule to be the 2nd Monday of each month at 8:00 a.m.
  • American Legion Building Use.
  • Park facility use fee schedule.
  • Trail and Creek Restoration project status.
  • Maintenance, repair and improvements at tennis courts.
  • Park playground concerns.
  • Potential funding sources for Park.
  • Park staying clean & safe with no major incidents.


The following items were covered:

  • No committee report.
  • County fire contract issue.
  • New fire engine chassis.
  • 4291 mail out.
  • Chemical plant inspection and mitigation plan.
  • Academy firefighter graduates (20).


Thanks to Don Kasso for his assistance in our transition.

The following items were covered and a written report is appended herein.

  • Major Objectives for the General Manager.
  • Replacement of the THCSD server.
  • Safety Committee will meet on the first Tuesday of the quarter at 9:00 a.m.
  • THCSD funded dental plan for employees.

The Board thanked staff Yvonne Hilton for the analysis and development of such a thorough proposal. The dental plan is listed as policy 2110 in the District’s policy manual.

MOTION: Director Maxwell moved to adopt THCSD funded dental plan for the employees and to be reviewed at the end of one year. Director Bryant seconded and the motion carried with all members present voting AYE.

The objectives are required as part of the General Manager’s contract and set forth approved projects and items on which the General Manager will focus over the year.

MOTION: Director Bryant moved to approve and adopt the major objectives set forth for Pete Kampa, General Manager. Director Maxwell seconded and the motion carried with all members present voting AYE.

The Board discussed that the budget had been reviewed at committee over the past two months. General Manager Kampa, detailed major budget componets including the COLA for the employees.

  • Resolution #05-08

Introduction: Director Maxwell introduced Resolution #05-08 approving the 2005-2006 fiscal year budget.

MOTION: Director Knudson moved to approve Resolution #05-08. Director Bryant seconded and the motion carried with the following vote:

AYES: Maxwell, Bryant, Knudson, Johnson.

NOES: None.

ABSENT: Sandberg.




  • Resolution #05-06 and #05-07

Introduction: Director Bryant introduced Resolution #05-06 and #05-07 approving the Tax Requirements for Davis Grunsky.

MOTION: Director Maxwell moved to adopt Resolution #05-06, and #50-07. Director Knudson seconded and the motion carried with the following vote:

AYES: Maxwell, Bryant, Knudson, Johnson.

NOES: None.

ABSENT: Sandberg.


General Manager Kampa, detailed that a rate increase and public hearing had previously been held in 2003 and the new rates proposed in this resolution were as discussed and approved at that hearing.

  • Resolution #05-09

Introduction: Director Maxwell introduced Resolution #05-09 setting forth the charges and rates for water and sewer service and new water and sewer connections and certain miscellaneous fees.

MOTION: Director Bryant moved to adopt Resolution #05-09, Director Knudson seconded and the motion carried with the following vote:

AYES: Maxwell, Bryant, Knudson, Johnson.

NOES: None.

ABSENT: Sandberg.


Yvonne Hilton detailed that this was a routine action required every year since 1981.

Request authorization of letter to Tuolumne County requesting collection of Fire Assessment tax.

MOTION: Director Bryant moved to approve authorization of letter to Tuolumne County requesting collection of Fire Department Tax Assessment #1 at the rate of $4.00 per benefit unit.

Chief KempVanEe explained that the supply hoses are to equip the new FEMA funded engine and were received earlier than expected.

Request to approve the transfer of $6,757 from Fire Department Depreciation Reserve to purchase supply hose for new engine.

MOTION: Director Maxwell moved to approve the transfer of $6,757 from depreciation to cover funding for supply hose. Director Bryant seconded and the motion carried with all members present voting AYE.

  • Loss Control Safety minutes

MOTION: Director Bryant moved to approve the Loss control Safety minutes dated June 14, 2005, Director Maxwell seconded and the motion carried by the following vote:

AYES: Maxwell, Bryant, Knudson, Johnson.

NOES: None.

ABSENT: Sandberg.



SECRETARY No report.


ADJOURNMENT: Meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,



Yvonne Hilton

Asst. Secretary/Controller




James L. Johnson, President




Board of Directors Meeting

May 17, 2005

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Twain Harte Community Services District was called to order by President Johnson at 7:00 p.m.

DIRECTORS PRESENT: Jim Johnson, William M. Bryant, Robert Sandberg, Packy Maxwell and Richard Knudson.


OTHERS PRESENT: General Manager Don Kasso, Asst. Secretary Y. Hilton, Operations Manager Krawchuk and Fire Chief Kemp Van Ee.

This meeting is on tapes #126 & 127.

Audience Gary Sipperley of Sierra Mountain Times and Dennis Spisak.


COMMUNICATIONS: Dennis Spisak thanked Director Maxwell and his wife for their involvement in teaching cribbage at Curtis Creek school.

Director Maxwell thanked the Twain Harte Rotary and the Sonora Area Foundation for their assistance in supporting the cribbage project.

Gary Sipperley apologized to Don Kasso and the Board for not being able to get the notice regarding a public information meeting into the Sierra Mountain Times in a timely manner.

Rate Increases Manager Kasso reviewed the previously approved rate increases of $1 for water and $2 for sewer, effective with the June billing.

General Mgr Objectives Pete Kampa has accepted the current objectives with finalization to be

at the next board meeting.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT: President Johnson reported attending the Governance Day in Sacramento.

  • Governor Schwarzenegger may call for a special election in November to approve his revised budget.
  • An item of interest is that California Special District’s Association consists of over 2300 Special Districts. There are 170 Community Service Districts.
  • There are a few other bills that will need to be watched as they progress.
  • The Community Services District state code was originally written in the 1950’s. An update to the code is being written, however we need to know what it will entail.


CONSENT CALENDAR: Director Bryant moved to approve the consent calendar consisting of the financial statements through April 30th and minutes of April 19th. Director Sandberg seconded and the motion carried with all members present voting AYE.




Paul Krawchuk

Black Oak Sewer Bench The Black Oak Sewer Bench problem is in a holding pattern and we’re working on it.

Mono Drive washout We’re waiting on a plan from the engineer prior to the repair. Once the weather cooperates, we’ll proceed.

Water/Sewer budgets The budgets are basically balanced, which includes all proposed budget increases.

COLA The Water, Sewer and Fire department managers have stated they will be able to handle a 3% COLA within their budgets.

Shadybrook Dock Permission from the owner of Shadybrook Pond has been received to demolish the dock since it has fallen into disrepair.

General Operations Two people were considered for the summer help, but for different reasons were not hired. At this point we’ll attempt to tough it out without help unless something happens.

Water Plant Everything is running very well at this time.

Distribution There was an after-hours leak with a Sherwood Forest water main that has been taken care of and things are fine for now.

Sewer We’re gearing up to do our summer Preventative Maintenance System (PMS) schedule.

Operator Exposition Lonnie and Paul attended an Operator Exposition. They obtained at least 32 contact hours, which can be used for water treatment licenses, distribution licenses and collection licenses.


(Sewer collection reqmnts) CMOM is no longer in existence. However, the Safe Drinking Water Act, which has always been in affect, will now be enforced with a penalty of fines. Fortunately we’re in good shape due to working proactively with a plan in place.


Chief Kemp Van Ee

Budget 2005-06 Our budget looks fine at this time.

Slash update: The District’s only involvement this year is with the 4291 program, which involves the 30’ clearance around structures. As you’re aware, we didn’t receive the grant for the slash program, however, between John Hardin, and myself we found enough funds to make the 4291 program happen. The clearance law has been changed from 30’ to 100’, but due to required clarifications, the State will only enforce the 30’ this year. The Menarys are proceeding with the mail-out.

Assist. Fire Chief Appt. Chief KempVanEe stated Ernie McCoy has essentially been doing the Assistant Fire Chief’s job since Gary Johnson has been gone. Ernie’s qualifications include being a certified fire prevention officer, working toward a Fire Marshall certification. He’s also our fleet manager and has saved us a lot of money.

Chief KempVanEe reviewed the proposed interim salary for the position of Assistant Chief with the Board. The salary is temporary until our new General Manager, Pete Kampa, completes the wage and salary study. The position of captain will be eliminated and will be replaced with a temporary, full time engineer until the salary study is completed.

MOTION: Director Sandberg moved to approve the appointment of Ernie McCoy as Assistant Fire Chief on a temporary full time basis as a salaried employee with retroactive pay to May 1, 2005, until a wage and salary study is completed. Ernie McCoy to receive an evaluation at the end of six months. Director Knudson seconded and the motion carried with all members present voting AYE.

General Operations Very few fires, few medical calls, very routine stuff.

Personnel One new relief engineer will be taking his first shift next week. The second relief engineer will be ready by the end of the month.

Volunteers One of our volunteers went to work for the Forest Service in Mariposa, the number of remaining volunteers are basically the same.

New Fire Engine The chassis will be in any day. We’ve received the invoice and WestStates informs us that they can produce what we need by July 1.


Don Kasso

Trail Update A new contract has been signed with Galen Gritz. Galen is now a sole proprietor as an engineer and will be with us through the conclusion of this project. The three grants are very convoluted and complex as to how the money is spent.

Per Capita Grant The project application has been sent and everything is going through smoothly. We will proceed with CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) and once it’s complete, we’ll fund the project.

Prop 40 Rivers & Parkways An advance of approximately $30,000 is being requested to continue with permitting and environmental changes.

The project needs to finish by November 2006. The grace period is from November 2006 to May 2007. The trail, creek, everything must be done. Galen is also pursuing the portable bathrooms at Black Oak for us.

Park & Rec budget The budget is complete. One of Pete’s objectives is to pursue Prop 218 tax measure for Park and Rec. If passed, this will alleviate the burden for Water, Sewer and Fire. There just isn’t enough money to manage the Park as it stands.

SkatePark We have closed the skatepark when the kids don’t pick up after themselves and opened when they do. So far this system is working and the kids have been keeping it clean. I received a call from Groveland Community Services District who has a committee looking into constructing a skatepark. They seem very determined to build the skatepark even in the face of my negative opinion and remarks. I wished them good luck.

Work at the Park All of the work that is being done at the park by water and sewer personnel is being tracked hour for hour by Melinda. It is being done on a calendar year versus fiscal year basis.

Merry Go Round It has purposely been left in a safe, locked mode since being broken. I would like Pete to handle the situation. Someone from San Francisco could come and supervise us taking it out of the ground for approximately $500 a day, or by contract, complete the dismantling and replacement which would be at an additional cost.

Special Fire Assessment

Resolution #05-05 INTRODUCTION: Director Maxwell introduced Resolution #05-05: A resolution of intention to levy assessments for fiscal year 2005-06, preliminarily approving the engineer’s report, and providing for notice of hearing for the Twain Harte Community Services District.

MOTION: Director Bryant moved to approve Resolution #05-05, Director Sandberg seconded and the motion carried by the following vote:

AYES: Bryant, Sandberg, Knudson, Maxwell and Johnson.

NOES: None.



Parting Comments Manager Kasso took this opportunity to express his sincere thanks for the time spent with the District and the Board. "You’ve been outstanding to work with, a lot of common sense, risk takers and you’ve worked extremely well together. You’ve been very supportive and I couldn’t ask for anything more. I feel we’re blessed with the employees that we have. So, I feel real good in leaving and feel that you’ve got a real good man coming in, who will do some great things for the District. All I can say is thank you very much."

President Johnson "Thank you Don, for all the hard work, time and energy as well as all the things you’ve done for the District."

Director Bryant "I would like to have had a resolution to pass on to you tonight."

Director Maxwell "I would also like to indicate to you on how important it has been for us to have someone with your organization and communication skills to put this thing together. You’ve done a terrific job and I feel personally very happy that you’ve been here to carry us along because it’s been a problem at times and thank you very much."

Gary Sipperley "As part of the public and as a member of at least one of the organizations that you’ve had to deal with or had the opportunity to deal with. I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone who was as calm and as reassuring or as welcoming or as well prepared as you have been in my entire life. Thank you."

SECRETARY Budget timeline dispersed to the Board.

ADJOURNMENT: Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,


Yvonne Hilton

APPROVED: Asst. Secretary/Controller


James L. Johnson, President



Board of Directors Meeting

April 19, 2005

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Twain Harte Community Services District was called to order by President Johnson at 7:00 p.m.

DIRECTORS PRESENT: Jim Johnson, Packy Maxwell, Robert Sandberg, William M. Bryant, and Richard Knudson


OTHERS PRESENT: Secretary C. Reyes, General Manager Kasso, Operations Manager Krawchuk, and Fire Chief Kemp Van Ee, and Gary Sipperley of the Sierra Mountain Times

This meeting is on tape #





PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Government Affairs Day May 16 and 17 will be attended by President Johnson.

Objectives for G.M. Directors Johnson & Maxwell and Manager Kasso will put together some objectives for new General Manager Kampa.

CONSENT CALENDAR: Director Maxwell expressed his displeasure in the financial statements. This will be made an objective for Mr. Kampas 1st year goals.

MOTION: To approve consent calendar. Bryant/Sandberg-unanimous.

CORRESPONDENCE: 1. Jim Goodrich-Thank you for General Manager interview

    1. Bob Junger-Dissatisfaction about Skateboard park.
    2. Excerpts from Board of Supervisors meeting approving changing elections of our directors to even years.
    3. Lolita Morelli and others – Complaints on service charge increase.

Park Ordinance Because the Park ordinance prescribing regulations for use describes some minor offenses as misdemeanors and they should be citations, and because we shouldn’t repeat anything that is already California law, our attorney will do an amended ordinance and we will bring it back to the Board for approval

Skateboard Park We closed the skateboard park for 2 weeks due to kids not taking care of and vandalizing it. It is now temporarily open and Don as a meeting with the kids tomorrow on how to solve the problem.



Paul Krawchuk

Encroachments Manager Krawchuk gave a report on his committee meeting. We have several encroachments on our sewer bench by Gurney Station Road. The contractors involved are responsible for the costs of straightening out the encroachment mess, but we need control of how things are done.

We are in the early stages of review of the 2005-06 budget.

Forklift MOTION: To approve the purchase of a forklift. Cost is $8,999.99 including shipping. No warranty on reconditioned forklift. Bryant/Knudson-unanimous.

Our men will have to be certified to operate it.

SB Lake repairs Shadybrook Lake dock and catwalks are in bad shape. Will get bids.

General Ops Engineer Les Davey will start on piping for backwash tank. A lot of calls received reporting leaks. Most are ground water.

Sewer Got last 450’ of sewer main cleaned behind Twain Harte Lake. We need a couple trees taken down in that area. Summer time preventive maintenance will start in May. Will attend an operator exposition May 10, 11, & 12 in South Tahoe.


Chief Kemp Van Ee

Committee Meeting The pending fire tax for Tuolumne County fire was discussed. They will probably try for a parcel tax instead of a sales tax. The 2005-06 budget was discussed.

FEMA Grant A regional FEMA grant for $999,295 with a 5% match was submitted through Twain Harte Fire to standardize the fire departments in the area’s breathing apparatus.

Slash The Greater Twain Harte Firesafe Area didn’t get a grant in the 1st run. The 4291 mailout program was tied to that grant. John Hardin may fund it. The slash site program is a private business this year (Mike McConnell).

100’ Setback The 100’ setback requirement on cleaning yards will not be enforced this year because of some language problems.

New Engine They are having trouble getting the chassis to do the buildup. The company said they expect completion on time sometime in June.

Ass’t Chief Assistant Chief Gary Johnson is retiring. Captain McCoy is doing Gary’s job. Will have a plan for replacement next month.


Don Kasso

Park & Rec Comm. Mtng General Manager Kasso gave a report on status of the grants. He will need a temporary $23,000 fund transfer from park’s general fund to pay some costs associated with the grant projects before we can get any grant funds.

MOTION: To approve transfer of $23,000 from Parks general fund to the Grant checking accounts. Maxwell/Sandberg-unanimous.

Added Proj expses It will cost the District $135,000 more on the project due to the changes Fish & Game has recently required ( bridge over Twain Harte Creek & infiltration system). That means we can’t do the badly needed paving of the parking areas at the park.

Christmas Donations Update – 575 donors averaging $44+ per donation totaling $25,393.

Park & Rec budget is in the draft stage.

Rotary Stage We will leave things alone for now and do a better job of maintaining the lawn. If that doesn’t work we will immediately put in sod with help from Partners.

New G. M. Pete Kampa is searching for a house. Plans to spend a couple days here around May 23rd. He will officially be on board May 31.

Minutes Revision A request was made to the Board that they consider only recording actions as opposed to a narrative. A person could listen to the tapes to refresh their memory if needed. The Board decided on trying a summarization of the narrative, not word for word.

Fire Assmt Res Director Sandberg introduced resolution 05-03 directing preparation of the 05-06 Engineers Report for the Twain Harte Fire & Rescue Assessment. Bryant/Maxwell-unanimous.

Conference Room The Board decided to wait on purchasing a public bulletin board for outside the conference room. The manager was hoping it would clear up the misconception that Partners, Homeowners, Lake Ass’n, etc. were part of District operations.

COLA General Manager Kasso recommended to the Board a 3% COLA raise for employees for 2005-06. He explained next years COLA and benefits costs. This item will be on the May agenda.

Per Capita Grant Res Director Maxwell introduced Resolution 05-04 approving application for grant funds to the Per Capita Grant Program. Sandberg/Bryant-unanimous.


Secretary Reyes

Cert. Of Investments Secretary Reyes gave an investment report and certified that the District has sufficient funds to pay all normal expenses for the next 6 months and all investment actions have been made in full compliance with District investment policy.

ADJOURNMENT: Adjournment to closed session – Gov’t Code 54957.6 at 9:20p.m. regarding incoming General Manager Kampa’s contract. Out of closed session 9:40p.m. Announced approval of General Manager Kampas contract. Maxwell/Sandberg-unanimous.

Meeting adjourned 9:22p.m.

Respectfully submitted,



Carole J. Reyes






Jim Johnson, President



Board of Directors Meeting

March 15, 2005


The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Twain Harte Community Services District was called to order by President Johnson at 7:00 p.m.

DIRECTORS PRESENT: Jim Johnson, William M. Bryant, Robert Sandberg, and Richard Knudson


OTHERS PRESENT: General Manager Kasso, Secretary C. Reyes, Operations Manager Krawchuk, Fire Chief Kemp Van Ee, Gary Sipperley of Mountain Times and Cal Hazley of Amador-Tuolumne Community Action Agency

This meeting is on tapes #121 & 122.



Cal Hazley Cal Hazley of Amador-Tuolumne Community Action Agency was introduced. He gave a brief presentation on mentoring a child between 7 & 15 years of age with problems. Mentoring referral cards were passed out for signups if anyone is interested. It is a very rewarding thing to do and very beneficial to the kids. More mentors are needed.


G. M. Candidates We will be interviewing five candidates for General Manager starting Thursday, March 17 at 8:00a.m.

CONSENT CALENDAR: Operations Manager Krawchuk noted a correction to the February 15, 2005 minutes on page 3, 5th line from the bottom. "Realign the Bench" should say "realign the sewer line".

MOTION: Director Knudson moved to approve the minutes of February 15, 2005 as corrected and the financial statement of February 28, 2005. Director Bryant seconded and the motion carried by all members present voting AYE.

CORRESPONDENCE: At the last Twain Harte Chamber of Commerce board meeting the Past President tried to solicit ideas on how to ingress and egress the Rotary stage in a vehicle without tearing up the lawn. A comment was made that Rotary donates $2,000 a year to the THCSD program so THCSD should fix the problem. After some investigation by THCSD staff it was found that Rotary and other service organizations donated to Partners each year and they thought Partners was part of THCSD. An E-mail of explanation was sent by Yvonne Hilton to all Twain Harte Chamber of Commerce directors.



Paul Krawchuk

Committee Meeting There was no committee meeting this month.

Regional Swr Adv Mtng A meeting was held on March 10. Director Bryant, Paul Krawchuk and Director Knudson attended. Director Bryant reported the big issue over an agreement situation during the past months is between Jamestown and TUD. They have a proposal on the table now.

One issue talked about was the monthly flow situation. The graft showed Sonora and Jamestown’s flow being pretty consistent. Twain Harte’s goes up and down peaking in July. We are well within reason on our infiltration and intrusion. Nothing stands out to worry about.

We reported on a couple of sewer collection issues. The backside of Twain Harte Lake. Also the problem at Mono & Fireside Drive where the bank is washed out right on the edge of the sewer main. When we flush out a line we start at the downstream manhole and clean the line as we go upstream. That could make the accumulated sand and stuff get stuck if it doesn’t pass on down stream. Some places have a flush rig and vacuum combo truck to suck the stuff out of the lines.

The next Regional Sewer Advisory meeting will be at THCSD on July 14, 2005 at 1:30p.m.

SWRCB The State Water Resources Control Board is the enforcement agency for the Federal government. The State wants to make sure we have developed a proposed sanitary sewer overflow reduction program. So we need to develop and implement sanitary sewer management plans. We have most of it done. Now we have to report any sanitary sewer overflows to Maureen Frank at the Tuolumne County OES.

General Operations We are still making great water at the water plant.

#1 Tank Ross Porter checked our tank #1. He made a few minor repairs because of the lightening strike but it wasn’t as bad as tank #2 which received the bulk of the strike.

Filter We are going to take our filter down as soon as both tanks are full. We are getting sand in one of the individual cells. We may have a broken PVC sample line on the #4 cell. The price of the repair is $14,000 so we aren’t going to do it at this time.

Distribution We now have 100% of the fire hydrants on line. There will be an increase in the budget for fire hydrant maintenance.

Sewer Don, Paul and the County will meet at the problem at the creek tomorrow afternoon. What has happened is trees went down, then water has run off and eroded the bank and our easement. We don’t know what has caused the washout. If we repair it ourselves then we are assuming liability. If we leave it and something happens to our sewer main the State Water Resources Control Board will come looking for us.

Manhole Rehab. When we first started our manhole rehabilitation program it was $1,000 a manhole. Now it is $1,200 to $1,300 a manhole and we have 450 more to do. Tuolumne Sanitary District found a manhole rehab trailer for $21,000 so they can do the job themselves. They want someone to go in with them on the purchase. Paul is doing further investigation on it.

Vacuum Truck We still have the issue that when we flush our mains we are just pushing stuff downstream and it is filling up our mains. Paul is researching the price of used vacuum trucks. Could be in the 2005-06 budget.

Summer Help We have a candidate for summer time help. He is a hard worker and interested in getting his licenses and certificates. He will work May 2nd through September at least.

Collection Certificate Paul was congratulated on his grade 1 collection certification.


Chief Kemp Van Ee

New Engine The new apparatus chassis delivery to the engine manufacturer will be no later than May 1st. We have an extension on the grant to July 1st.

Staffing We have between 15 and 22 on staff with 2 new applicants.

Firehouse Les Davey (engineer) looked at the crack below the window at the firehouse. He said to correct the problem strapping would be just fine and he will talk to Ross Porter about it.

CDF Funding The CDF funding issue relates to CDF’s cost to manage the Tuolumne County Fire Department through a contract with the County. It has nothing to do with CDF’s position in the county as it relates to wildland fire protection. The issue is essentially extremely large growth in the cost of the contract to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars with additional increases next year just to maintain what we have. There was a public hearing at the Board of Supervisors meeting on the problem today and various options were discussed. There could be a non-contractual actual County Fire Department. The Districts could be expanded to take over the same area. Or they could reduce the contract and do a mixture of all the options mentioned.

The Board of Supervisors opted to pursue investigating a ¼ of 1% sales tax increase to fund fire. The sheriff then said his department is having problems and proposed an additional ¼ of 1% to go to law enforcement which would put the sales tax at 7.75%. The response was not positive.


Don Kasso

Update on Trail & Creek

Restoration Galen Gritz and Manager Kasso are going to the State to talk to the two grant administrators, the person who deals with the per capita grant and Linda Smith who has the two other grants. We are attempting to see how to use the funds and over what time. We are looking to do the creek restoration in 2006 which would include removing the culvert at the south end of the creek and going with a bridge. The second major item is an infiltration system in the ball field to take the water volume off the creek and dissipate it into the ball field. This will cost more money. We are recommending we go next year with the creek and this year with the trail.

Christmas Letter We have 572 donors averaging $44.00 per donor for a total of $25,230. Manager Kasso thanked Secretary Reyes for her work on the donation campaign.

American Legion Hall The Partners and John Kinsfather and Jim Johnson have been extremely helpful in developing a list of things to do at the American Legion Hall. The Homeowners have committed $2,000 toward the renovation of the Hall. The District Park and Rec Division has committed $3,000. The old heater has been removed and a new heater and air conditioner will be put in. Thanks go to the Partners and Homeowners.

We are getting requests from the public to use the facilities. Manager Kasso is eliminating renting the Hall for anything involving music as it impacts the neighbors. Alcoholic’s Anonymous will be using the facility 4 nights a month on Tuesdays. The rental fee is $75 with a cleaning deposit of $100.

Partners reviewed in committee ideas of how to reduce damage to the lawn at the stage. Granulated granite was suggested to make a kind of road. Sod was discussed, then put down plywood when you have to drive over it. A cost on sod will be obtained. Partners would prefer sod because of the ambiance of the area and the possibility of skinned knees with the granulated granite.

General Manager Search We have 5 candidates to interview. Hopefully the committee will make the decision on Friday and the 5 candidates will be notified that day. Reference checking is not done yet.

Skate Park Garry Aldrich has a friend who took his son to the skatepark. The friend was appalled at the foul language, garbage, and cigarette butts at the park.

Director Knudson did an informal survey of different people to find out what the people are hearing and has there been any benefit of having the skatepark. He reported that Jack at Twain Harte Market thinks the park has helped 75-80% with skateboard problems at the market. Jay Randall at Meadow Plaza has had some problems. It seems to have been taken care of by some individuals in the community. There is not as much trash. She thinks it has helped.

Manager Kasso suggested an experiment. Shut down the skateboard park for a week. Put signs up that due to profanity, smoking, drinking, and garbage it will be closed for a week so the kids can think about the problem. It may not accomplish anything, it may just agitate.

President Johnson suggested we say "temporarily closed" instead of saying "one week". Director Sandberg suggested we have the kids come to the Board to make their appeal to open the park again. The Board agreed it is worth trying. The sheriffs department will be alerted to the situation.

The two ladies who were involved with starting the skateboard park are not helping as they were. Our water plant guys are doing all the work.

Approval of Audit MOTION: Director Sandberg moved to approve the audit for 2003-04. Director Bryant seconded and the motion carried by all members present voting AYE.

The office would like the audits back if the directors don’t want them.

Other Business A newspaper clipping from someone in Woodland praised two of our firefighters who helped her at an accident scene near woodland.

Closed Session President Johnson adjourned the meeting to closed session at 8:47p.m. on possible litigation pursuant to government code section #54956.9. The Board returned to regular session at 9:15p.m. No action was taken.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 9:16p.m.

Respectfully submitted,



Carole J. Reyes






James L. Johnson, President




Board of Directors Meeting
February 15, 2005

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Twain Harte Community Services District was called to order by President Johnson at 7:00 p.m. 

DIRECTORS PRESENT:            Jim Johnson, William M. Bryant, Robert Sandberg, Packy Maxwell and Richard Knudson.

OTHERS PRESENT:            Asst. Secretary Y. Hilton, Operations Manager Krawchuk and Fire Chief Kemp Van Ee.

This meeting is on tapes #119 & 120.


Audience:                                 Melinda Boyer, Jeannie Frankenstein, Dorothy Edwards, Larry and Sandy Asquith, Eric Carlson, Dennis and Judy Spisak, and Donna Smith. 


COMMUNICATIONS:            None.                                               

PRESIDENT’S REPORT:            President Johnson welcomed Melinda Boyer to the Twain Harte Community Services District as our new Customer Services Representative.  


Eproson Field update:            Manager Kasso presented an overview of what occurred at the Rotary meeting wherein the daughter of Ray Eproson, Wilma Barendregt objected to the renaming of Eproson field to “Eby field”. The primary reasoning behind the objection was that she didn’t want to lose the memory of her father by pieces of the donated property being renamed after someone else. Also presented to the audience and the Board was the process that led to the Park and Recreation Committee’s decision. An appeal was made to the Rotarians present to mend fences.  

                                                Director Bryant suggested naming the Rotary’s annual BBQ after Eby.                                               

                                                President Johnson made an offer to the Rotary that they return with an alternate plan.   


CONSENT CALENDAR:            Director Maxwell moved to approve the consent calendar consisting of the financial statements through January 31st and amended minutes (change the dedication date of Eproson Park from 1962 to 1965) of January 18th. Director Knudson seconded and the motion carried with all members present voting AYE. 

CORRESPONDENCE:            1. Letter from Roger Brown requesting donation to Park returned due to his feelings about renaming Eproson field.

                                                Per the Board’s request, Manager Kasso relayed that upon receiving Roger Brown’s letter, he called Roger’s office immediately and acknowledged receiving the letter. The following is a summary of the conversation between Manager Kasso and Roger Brown:    

KASSO: Where did you get your information as to the Eby situation?

BROWN: From Judy Spisak’s letter to the editor in the Union Democrat.

KASSO: Do you know the rest of the story as far as what the Park and Rec Committee has recommended and what the Board approved?


KASSO: Are you aware that Wilma will be attending the Rotary meeting this evening to hear an appeal from the Rotarians regarding their request to rename Eproson field, and would you like me to call you tomorrow to let you know of the results?

BROWN: No, and I really don’t care.

KASSO: Why is that? So that I understand correctly, if Wilma says, out of respect for her father, I don’t want the field to be named Eby field, we shouldn’t respect that?

BROWN: That’s correct, you shouldn’t respect that. The District represents the people and the majority of people want the name changed to Eby field and you should go against her wishes. 

                                                Also, at the bottom of Roger Brown’s letter, he requested a return of his donation, so Manager Kasso went to his office in Sonora to hand deliver the letter. Upon his arrival, the secretary wasn’t in; Roger came out, grabbed the check, stated he had a client and didn’t have time to talk to me and walked away. Roger also requested his name be taken off the donation list and was extremely upset and had no interest in what Wilma had to say or what we had to say.  

Backhoe Bids                           President Johnson opened each sealed bid for the 1988 Case backhoe being sold by the District as follows:

                                                1. Coleman Construction Builders         $16,700

                                                2. Scott Hastings                                    15,500

                                                3. John Feriani                                        15,526

                                                4. Blue Iron – Jim Roberts                      15,700

                                                5. Bill Sanguinetti                                    19,150

                                                6. T.S. Ewing                                         15,015

                                                7. El Dorado Septic Service, Inc.            15,011 

                                                Director Maxwell moved to accept the highest bid by Bill Sanguinetti for $19,150 pending due diligence by same to furnish THCSD the funds within a reasonable amount of time to purchase Water/Sewer’s 1988 Case backhoe in AS IS condition. Director Sandberg seconded and the motion carried with all members present voting AYE. 



Paul Krawchuk                                    

                                                Operations Manager Krawchuk distributed pictures to the Board of damage to the storage tank, which involved the bulkhead and interior tank walls. Aqua Lab was called in to run mineral tests and we’re doing some investigating as to the lightning strikes. Every year I ask if there’s anything that can protect our equipment from the lightning strikes and we’re always told that it’s not cost effective. 

Plant Chemical Room            We’re continuing to work on our chemical room and safety items. The guys are also continuing to make great water. 

Fire Hydrants                           We have one bad fire hydrant that we’re attempting to repair, but still waiting on parts. Getting parts is sometimes difficult since we have five or six different brands/styles of hydrants.                                               

Distribution                               There was a very nice sewer bench at Black Oak Estates. To give the directors a brief background, we dropped off postcards at the County to be sent to us once a contractor applies for a permit to construct in this area. The County then sends us the postcard to alert us to get out there and inspect the area. Just by chance, during our rounds we spotted a problem. Apparently, the contractor (Jon Morotti) had an approved set of plans but basically ignored the plans, encroached onto the sewer bench and put his footings on top of our sewer main. It was extremely difficult to keep the forms from being poured. The County building department had to get involved per my request, the Chief Building Inspector and Les Davey also ended up getting involved with the contractor. At this point, the contractor has to get an approved retaining wall from the County, which we will not be responsible for and will not be in our easement. Then he will have to realign the bench to 90% compaction; we will get our underground contractor to realign the sewer line per Les Davey’s plan. This will all be at the contractor’s expense. 

                                                Manager Kasso will send a letter, with our attorney’s review to the contractor, Jon Morotti, with a timeline and action plan. If Jon takes no action then we will do the work and take legal action.  

                                                For the last couple of weeks we’ve been very busy with Trixie (flush trailer). There are new areas that we’re dealing with roots. 

New Certifications            Water Operator Scott Hastings has obtained his Grade 3 Treatment Operators license and Operations Manager has obtained a Grade 1 Sewer Collection license. Kudos to both of them! 

Consumer Confidence Rept            Ops Manager Krawchuk has put together the bulk of the Consumer Confidence Report. For the report, Julie Cowell provided a great, well-written article on what is a special district? It will certainly educate the public.  


Chief Kemp Van Ee            There was no Fire committee meeting for January. 

                                                Gary Johnson is continuing to work at this time. We’ve been dealing with various safety issues pursuant to our safety inspection and making progress. 

ISO rating                                Periodically we receive paperwork from ISO (Insurance Services Office) to update the evaluation for our area. We’re basically status quo.  

Hydrant testing                         Testing is continuing and going very well. The office received a call from someone on Tiffeni Drive getting dirty water. 

Restitution                                A couple of months ago, we had some medical items stolen from the department. Subsequently some items were recovered, so we purchased replacements for the items not recovered. We put in for restitution and the court ordered restitution. However, subsequent to all of the former, the Sheriff’s office showed up with approximately 99.9% of all the items originally stolen. We then contacted the Probation Department and had them stop the order since it was the right thing to do. 

New Engine                              We received notice from the apparatus builder who received notice from the chassis builder that instead of a March 1st delivery date, we could be looking at a May 1st delivery date. Fortunately we extended our FEMA grant to July 1st.  I spoke with the manufacturer and explained the conditions of the grant. There will be a letter written from the company and myself to the manufacturer to hopefully expedite the situation. 

CDF Contract issue            This could be a substantial issue a few months down the road. It pertains only to the contract of CDF with the Tuolumne County Fire Department. The conflict rests with the contract to manage CDF fire department. The Wildland issue will remain unchanged.  

Facility                                     Les Davey came by and looked at the crack. His analogy that since the crack is wider at the top and narrower at the bottom, it’s just a manifestation of the same thing, so nothing has really changed. He still suggests the strapping and will discuss the issue with Ross Porter. I haven’t heard from Ross at this point.  

Apparatus                                Couple of minor things, everything going fairly well. 

Incidents                                   Everything pretty standard. 

Personnel                                 Things are pretty stable; we terminated one due to his move to Portland. We have two applicants in the process of coming in, so all in all, we’re looking good.



Don Kasso                              


Trail and Creek Restoration            Manager Kasso reviewed a letter and map sent to 200 homeowners located around the golf course area regarding the creek restoration. Amy Augustine is working with me in working with and through various agencies and is also responsible for sending out the letter to the homeowners seeking input regarding the trail and creek restoration. Once the process is complete, I’ll be in the position to consummate the last grant in the amount of $137,000, which is earmarked specifically for the creek restoration. We’ll probably need to renew the contract with Sierra Conservation Center.    

Christmas donation            The amount of donations received for the Park is now at $25,000. The number of individuals donating is 560, compared to 468 last year in May. It’s an increase of 92 donors. Last year, the average donation was $47+ this year the average is $44.64. More donations are coming in so we feel the expansion of the mailing list to 6,000 was cost effective. 

Park Use Ordinance            Director Maxwell moved to approve the second reading of Ordinance #25-05 regarding rules and regulations of Eproson Park. Director Knudson seconded and the motion carried with the following vote:

                                                AYES: Bryant, Knudson, Sandberg, Maxwell and Johnson.

                                                NOES: None.

                                                ABSENT: None.

                                                ABSTAIN: None. 

                                                Manager Kasso added that copies of this Ordinance would be distributed to the Sheriffs Office so that there is law to fall back on should it become necessary when dealing with offenders.

Resolution 05-02

Changing District Elections            This resolution is to change the District Elections from odd years to even years which will coincide with State elections. This will save the District the cost of election as the cost would be distributed among all the Districts at one time. This also extends the terms by one year of those directors that would normally be ending their terms in 2005. Those Directors will now be ending their term in 2006. 

                                                INTRODUCTION: Director Knudson introduced Resolution #05-02 Changing District Elections to Coincide with Statewide Elections.

                                                MOTION: Director Sandberg moved to adopt Resolution #05-02, Director Bryant seconded and the motion carried with the following vote:

                                                AYES: Bryant, Knudson, Maxwell, Sandberg and Johnson.

                                                NOES: None.

                                                ABSENT: None.

                                                ABSTAIN: None. 

General Mgr Position            We have about 15-20 requests for applications, but have physically received three resumes/applications.

Loss Control Rept &

Safety Minutes                          MOTION: Director Sandberg moved to approve the Loss Control Report as well as the Water and Sewer Safety minutes. Director Bryant seconded and the motion carried by all present voting AYE. 

ADJOURNMENT:                  Meeting adjourned to closed session at 9:00 p.m.


 CLOSED SESSION            The Board entered into closed session at 9:15 p.m. pursuant to conference without legal counsel – anticipated litigation; Initiation of litigation pursuant to subdivision (c) of Section 54956.9.


Closed Session adjourned at 9:40.m.with no action taken.


                                                                    Respectfully submitted,                                                           


                                                                                                            Yvonne Hilton

APPROVED:                                                                                       Asst. Secretary/Controller



James L. Johnson, President




Board of Directors Meeting
January 18, 2005


The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Twain Harte Community Services District was called to order by President Johnson at 7:00 p.m.


DIRECTORS PRESENT:            Jim Johnson, William M. Bryant, Packy Maxwell and Richard Knudson.

DIRECTORS ABSENT:            Robert Sandberg

OTHERS PRESENT:            Asst. Secretary Y. Hilton, Operations Manager Krawchuk and Fire Chief Kemp Van Ee.

This meeting is on tape #117 & 118. 

Audience:                                 Larry Qvistgaard, Eric Carlson, Larry Asquith, Dennis Spisak, Susan Paris and Jeannie Frankenstein. 

PRESENTATION:            Manager Kasso opened the discussion with an explanation of the recommendation from the Park and Recreation Committee meeting held on January 10th regarding Twain Harte Rotary’s request to rename Eproson Park to Eby field. The Park and Rec Committee recommended to the Board that there was no problem going with a new scoreboard at the baseball field, in lieu of specifically dedicating the field to Paul Eby. His name could be indicated right on the scoreboard. Also, the Board would match the Twain Harte Rotary’s $1,000 along with Manager Kasso assisting Dennis Spisak with the application for a matching grant from Sonora Area Foundation to cover the remaining cost of the scoreboard.  

Audience Comments:            Dennis Spisak stated that Paul Eby was one of the charter members when Twain Harte Rotary was established and all of the park was either done by Rotary or people involved with Rotary. This is why we came up with the idea to change the name on it and our question is; has the field ever been dedicated and named?  

                                                Manager Kasso explained that he researched the deed looking for specific requirements to retaining the name of Eproson field and there was nothing specific in the deed. There is a monument at the park in dedication to the Eprosons. Director Bryant added that the monument was dedicated in 1965 as Eproson Park, which included the field. At the time of the dedication, Director Bryant was President of the Rotary and Paul Eby attended the dedication ceremony.                                            



Spisak questioned whether or not the field was named at that time?   

Director Bryant stated the field has always been named Eproson field, just like Eproson Park. Director Bryant went on to say that he felt this was about the hardest decision he’d have to make due to being an ex-Rotarian and ex-president of Rotary and a very personal friend of Paul Eby. I don’t feel it is proper to change the name from the man who donated the land for the field and park to Paul Eby’s name. The reason I requested the decision to be tabled was to give more time for thought. We all want to do something for Paul and I feel Paul should be recognized. However, Paul’s first and only love was the golf course. Paul Eby, Harry Roberson, Norman Tune and Sue Bouillin were the ones that pioneered that golf course. I feel that Rotary could put something related to a monument at the gate of the golf course indicating who was responsible for the golf course being established. Plaques could be adhered to the monument with spaces left open for future dedications.  

Spisak replied the Rotary had already discussed that option, adding that the dedications could be for those currently living so they could enjoy it now. Spisak went on to add: “for 52 years Paul Eby never missed a Rotary meeting, he’s been involved in everything that has gone on with Rotary. This is why we felt so strongly about renaming the field after him. We didn’t want to change the name from Eproson Park nor create a stir in the community, that’s the last thing Paul wanted to have done. Paul wouldn’t even want this sign. Paul was never one for recognition; he just did the work.” 

President Johnson asked how the Rotarians felt about putting up a new scoreboard that reads “In memory of Paul Eby?”  

Spisak replied “I’m on with everybody else, I want it done and will be happy to go along with everybody else.”  

President Johnson stated that the Park and Recreation Committee discussed the issue at some length and felt a new scoreboard was the appropriate thing to do and that’s why we would match the donation. 

Spisak said that one of the things that they would like to have on the sign is a little Rotary emblem. 

Director Maxwell agreed and suggested the sign read “In memory of Rotarian Paul Eby” and felt the print should be large, bold and easy to read from a distance. 

Spisak agreed that everything could be worked out and wouldn’t be a problem. We’re still thinking of something along the lines of a plaque at the stage. We’re still undecided. The sign would be the latest and greatest, the same size as the current scoreboard, made by the same company. It has radio controlled controls which require no underground cable.  

President Johnson said there’s no question that we need a new sign out there. Everyone agreed. 

Eric Carlson commented that if the field has not been named, we could name it Eby field at Eproson Park. If you go to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, everything is not named Golden Gate Park. There are dedicated things inside the Park. 

Jeannie Frankenstein remarked that Norman Tune, Harry Roberson, all of them were involved in this, but they have all gone off and done other things. Paul Eby has never left Twain Harte and it was always Twain Harte that he worked for. I thought, what would it hurt to rename the field, it would still be Eproson Park and will always be called Eproson Park, even though Twain Harte Golf Course isn’t called Eproson Park, it’s still Eproson too. I feel personally that it wouldn’t hurt to be called Eby field at Eproson Park.  

Director Maxwell moved to approve the recommendation of THCSD Park and Recreation Committee to match funds with the Twain Harte Rotary for a sign on a new ball field scoreboard to recognize as well as be dedicated to Rotarian Paul Eby. A plaque at the ball field would also be acceptable. The name Eproson field would not be changed. Director Bryant seconded and the motion carried with Director Sandberg absent and Director Knudson opposing.

COMMUNICATIONS:            None                                               

PRESIDENT’S REPORT:            President Johnson reviewed the committee assignments with the Directors. He also reviewed upcoming conferences that the Directors may be interested in attending as well as a Brown Act workshop on January 20th to be held in Sonora.  

BOARD MEMBERS COMMENTS:  Director Maxwell referred to General Manager Kasso who gave the following report: We’re progressing well with the grant preparation for the Slash Program. We’re shooting for $90,000 with a deadline of February 4, 2005. The grant preparation is being completed by John Hardin, Mike McConnell and myself, with John and Mike doing most of the writing. If the grant is unsuccessful, Mike McConnell will “go it alone” and proceed with the slash business, but would really prefer to have the grant to help with the cost of getting the site ready. There’s been thought and discussion of obtaining the slash from the Pinecrest and Jenness Park sites (John Hardin still presides over) which would increase the volume of slash that may be needed, however, the distance may be too much to be worthwhile.

                                                Bottom line, Mike McConnell is enthusiastic about the program and is determined to work it out as a business endeavor.  

Slash site meeting            Fire Chief KempVanEe reported meeting with officials from Bureau of Land Management earlier this week at the site, which included Mike McConnell, John Hardin, Barry Rudolph of CDF, and two other individuals from BLM. One being a local manager from Coulterville, the other a regional manager, who is essentially at the decision making level. Both men from BLM were very impressed and supportive of what we are doing as well as the short amount of time we were able to do it in. They indicated they would be supportive of the expansion and considered it a model for other areas. They also consider the site ideal for slash.  

CONSENT CALENDAR:            Director Maxwell moved to approve the consent calendar consisting of the financial statements through December 31st and the minutes of December 20th. Director Bryant seconded and the motion carried with all members present voting AYE. 

CORRESPONDENCE:            1. Letter from Dave Holton with good suggestions regarding the trail. Manager Kasso to send a thank you letter to Dave Holton.




Paul Krawchuk                         There was no Water/Sewer Committee meeting for January.                                               

                                                Operations Manager Krawchuk reported great water still being made by operators at the plant. 

                                                We made it through the downpours, the snow, wind, holidays and even the power outages. We would eventually like a regular generator to run the plant when needed.




By the first of next month, we have a lot of monitoring equipment that will be installed to regulate flows and balance our chemicals. We’re supposed to have the guy up the week of the 24th and have everything up and running by next month.

One of our million gallon tanks is down for inspection. Our flows are down this time of year, so there’s no problem. Ross Porter and his crew will be up next week to inspect the tank.                                                

Distribution                               Things are calm at the present. However, we did have a major incident on Golf Club and Placer Drive. A piece of coiled spring caused a major backup and sewage spill. The spill was roughly estimated at 3000 gallons, which is enough to report. The report was faxed to TUD, who is our primary reporting agency. Samples were taken downstream and sent in, treatments were done and we should hear the results at a later time. Two hours of time lapsed before the person who spotted the spill notified us. We could have prevented the problem had we been notified in a more timely manner. 

New Backhoe                          The new backhoe has been delivered. Operations Manager Krawchuk passed a picture of the new backhoe around. Everything is so nice and the operation of the controls is so smooth. Once we sell the old backhoe, we will refurbish the forklift.  

Manholes                                 We are experiencing some problems with the snowplows taking out the manholes, especially in the Twain Harte Heights area. If you drive up there you will see clearly how the road has settled and the manholes are up two to three inches. The County has been contacted regarding the issue. Since the roads are sinking, it’s not a matter of a little repair job. According to the County, the responsibility is ours. There are rubber or plastic rings that can be put around the manhole, then torched to feather it out to the road. Then when the snowplows come through, they just ride right up and over the manhole. We have offered to do the work if County will purchase the rings. So far, we’ve received no response from the County. 


Chief Kemp Van Ee            There was no Fire committee meeting for December. 

Incidents                                   Within the District, there were no incidents last month. There were two fairly major incidents outside the District; one being the Dodge Ridge fire and the other a triple fatal by Little Sweden.  

Facility                                     Les Davey will be coming within the next week. 

Personnel                                 We’re letting one of the volunteers go, but have one at the academy now and at least three or four pending. 


T.H. Fire Assoc.            Several years ago through the County Fire Chiefs Association, we developed a joint fire academy. We put all of our resources together and this helped to streamline the training and keep it consistent. This year Twain Harte Fire and Rescue is administering the joint academy. Captain Paul Waite is serving as the academy coordinator this year. The academy seems to be going well, we started January 4th. At this point the people are going through their First Responder certification training. They will start the actual fire portion after the first of March. Instruction is being handled by; Paul Waite, Bob KempVanEe, Mike Schmidt, Mark Slater and others from various departments in the County. We have a good group of bright- eyed people. 

4291 Modification            The 4291 modification is a plan to increase the required clearance around structures from 30’ to 100’. There are several aspects of the verbiage and operational details of the new law that will need to be dealt with. It appears the new law may not be enforced this year. 

Operational Support            I’m still holding the Operational Support Unit to two volunteers, Larry Qvistgaard and Don Vierra. It’s clearly working so we may expand to a couple of other functions. Don and Larry are very helpful on crashes, we’ve happened to have a lot of crashes in this jurisdiction. Their traffic control is very important because it frees up fire fighters that are doing other things. We developed a traffic control kit that includes a vest, signs, a talking pager and flares. This allows them to get to the scene and start to work without taking the time to get things together. 

New Engine                              It’s coming along, the due date is May. One modification was made to include a locking rear differential. The cost was offset by removing other items. 


Don Kasso                              


Trail and Creek Restoration            Manager Kasso stated we received some good information from the public hearing. There are some revisions to the plan that I’ll be recommending to the Twain Harte Golf Course Board of Directors on Thursday evening. An overview of revisions was explained to the Directors. There are some deadlines that we have to meet with the State before proceeding with the third grant. We have the Fish and Game individual who has paved the way for the permitting process as it relates to Fish and Game. The Corp of Engineers is being a little tough, but we’re attempting to speed up the environmental process by doing things on a parallel basis.  

Christmas donation            As of today, the total funds received is $24,000+. When we compare to last year at this time, the total received was just under $22,000. The total number of donors this year as of today is 542. The total number of donors last year was 486. We exceeded the number of donors by 56. Our average donation last year was $45.24; this year’s average is $44.34, which is a difference of 90¢We doubled our mailer from 3,000 to 6,000. Essentially the additional mailing has paid for itself. 

Park Use Ordinance            Director Bryant introduced the first reading of Ordinance #25-05 regarding rules and regulations of Eproson Park. Director Maxwell seconded the introduction and the motion carried with the following vote:                                                AYES: Bryant, Knudson, Maxwell and Johnson.

                                                NOES: None.

                                                ABSENT: Sandberg

                                                ABSTAIN: None. 

American Legion Repairs            Manager Kasso commended the T.H. Partners for putting together a wonderful committee to assist with developing and moving forward with a plan, cost and strategy to repair the American Legion Hall. A substantial list of repairs has been compiled by John Kinsfather, who is leading the committee. The Park and Rec committee is requesting the Board approve $3,000 as “seed money” to get us started on the repairs. We’re hoping that others will donate time and/or money to help with the improvements.

                                                MOTION: Director Maxwell moved to approve the dedication of $3,000 to the improvements of the American Legion Hall. Director Knudson seconded and the motion carried with all members present voting AYE. 

Amer Legion Garage Sale            Ron Mein of Twain Harte is holding a garage sale; the proceeds will go toward furnishing the expansion of the Twain Harte library. 

Customer Service Rep            Melinda Boyer has been hired to replace Marlys Doyle, and is very eager and learning very quickly. Yvonne has been spending a lot of time training, helping to get Melinda on the right track. I think we’re blessed with a really good lady. Yvonne, Carole, and myself see some depth with experience. She’ll be able to do some of the more complicated duties that Marlys refused to do. That will take a lot of pressure off all of us.  

                                                Director Maxwell interjected that he felt the addition of the windows in the office have helped with the efficiency of the office.  

                                                Manager Kasso thanked Director Maxwell for the comment and added the termination of the recycling and garbage bags helped as well. The windows, lack of bags and the drop box have helped to minimize the interruptions. Although some of the old timers still use the basket inside the door. Yvonne gets credit for suggesting the second window between the two offices. It’s working out great. 

District Benefit Study            A brief background of how the study came about was given by Manager Kasso. In October of 2004, the Board requested a benefit study to assist in their decisions regarding medical benefits for the employees. The Board did approve a COLA for the employees in July of 2004 and also made the decision to eliminate the benefit of reimbursing the medical deductible paid by employees with the exception of those who had not utilized their allocation of the benefit.

                                                The benefit study was to compare our benefits with other water/sewer districts of similar size, number of employees and customers. The focus of the study was primarily medical, although we did request cost measures on dental and vision. Manager Kasso defined coverage, co-pays, and medical deductible costs that THCSD employees are required to pay out-of-pocket each calendar year.  

                                                The reference study, created by Director Maxwell, was reviewed with the directors. The study covered payroll, medical benefits and costs paid by comparable districts for their employees.  

Manager Kasso added that we have people like Yvonne Hilton, Bob KempVanEe, Melinda Boyer, Lonnie Johnstone and myself who have their own benefits and do not utilize the District’s benefits. Therefore, it’s a sizeable savings to the District by reducing our payroll costs and is computed at 10.8% of our payroll. However, for a truer picture, if all employees took advantage of our benefit package, the numbers would recalculate to 14.7%. Our District ranks right in the middle of all the districts.

                                                Our conclusion is that we now have a good frame of reference of where our District stands and we’re in a comfortable position of being very average. Benefits are very powerful and are very beneficial to keeping good employees and to the degree you can retain those, it’s a big plus.  

                                                Director Maxwell commented he had been the one who requested the study due to being very concerned that we are being responsible with respect to the services and benefits we’re providing as well as staying competitive in the field. We’re right in the middle and I believe that’s where we should be. He also thanked Manager Kasso for the work that went into completing the study.  

                                                Director Bryant raised some questions regarding the medical deductible such as when would it come up again for review? 

                                                Manager Kasso explained it could be brought up in the spring at the time that the Board is reviewing the possibility of a COLA for the employees. Director Knudson reminded the Board that the reason the medical deductible was brought up in October of 2004, was due to the insurance being on a regular calendar year and not on a fiscal year schedule. 

                                                Director Bryant stated that he would like to see the medical deductible reimbursement reinstated for the employees if the District can possibly afford it.

Quarterly Certification     

of  Investments                         Assistant Secretary/Controller Yvonne Hilton reviewed the investments with the Board and certified that we will meet our expenses for the next six months. 

ADJOURNMENT:                  Meeting adjourned to closed session at 8:37 p.m.                                                                                                           

 CLOSED SESSION            The Board entered into closed session at 8:40 p.m. pursuant to conference without legal counsel – anticipated litigation; Initiation of litigation pursuant to subdivision (c) of Section 54956.9.  

Closed Session adjourned at 9:07p.m.with no action taken. 


Respectfully submitted,                                                         




                                                                                                            Yvonne Hilton

                                                                                                            Asst. Secretary/Controller                                            





James L. Johnson, President


Board of Directors Meeting
December 21, 2004


The regular meeting and public hearing of the Board of Directors of the Twain Harte Community Services District was called to order by President Sandberg at 7:00 p.m. at the Twain Harte Golf Course. 

DIRECTORS PRESENT:            Robert Sandberg, William M. Bryant, Richard Knudson, Packy Maxwell and Jim Johnson.

DIRECTORS ABSENT:            None.

OTHERS PRESENT:            Secretary C. Reyes, General Manager Kasso,  Operations Manager Krawchuk, and Fire Chief Kemp Van Ee and numerous others. This meeting is on tape # 115 & 116. 


COMMUNICATIONS:            None                                               

PRESIDENT’S REPORT:            None 


FireSafe Program            Director Maxwell reported that a notice was sent out to all the slash captains telling them a grant request is being prepared by John Harden, Don Kasso, and Mike McConnell for 2005.  It is based on a business plan prepared by McConnell Construction and Moyle Construction, which includes substantial capital improvements to the slash site and a modest tipping fee to cover operating expenses.  This will require approval from BLM and a reasonable extension of our current agreement with them which is for 3 years.  The plan is to operate the slash site from mid April to mid October for the whole county.  The CDF mailer on Code 4291 will go out again next year with an insert which includes an informational phone # and web site all operated under the partnership of Harden, Kasso, and McConnell.  CDF is pushing to amend Code 4291 to require clearing 100’ around structures or to the property line, whichever comes first.  The program depends on if we get the grant or not.  There will probably be a committee meeting in March. 

CONSENT CALENDAR:            Director Johnson moved to accept the consent calendar consisting of approval of bills through November 30, 2004 and approval of the November 16, 2004 minutes.  Director Maxwell seconded and all Members voted AYE. 



Paul Krawchuk                                    

Water Committee trip            The water committee went on a field trip to the water plant to review general plant operations.  Director Maxwell said we should be very happy with the quality of water we have.  He commended Operations Manager Krawchuk for staying on top of state mandates with respect to improvements in the water system. 

                                                Water and sewer operations are doing just fine. 

                                                Director Bryant suggested we have an open house at the water plant some Saturday after the 1st of the year. 

CORRESPONDENCE:    1.  From Rohn Mein thanking Operator Scott Hastings for the way he handled Mr. Mein’s frozen pipe problem.

2.      From Chuck and Willy Evans thanking the Board for all they do for Twain Harte.

3.      From Bill and Pat Rogers giving concerns about the trail around the golf course.  They do not want asphalt or concrete.

4.      From Bob Junger giving his concerns about the trail and asking for 2 public hearings. 

There was an editorial by Chris Bateman on the uniqueness of Twain Harte.  The Park and Rec tax measures failed and yet the community is so giving of their finances and help.  The Partners is a key community service club, it is a “can do” club that gets things done.

Every year the District does a Christmas donation letter where we appeal to the community for funds to run the park.  Without the donations we couldn’t keep the park going.  In the 1st 21 days we have received $17,000+ in donations.



PUBLIC HEARING:            President Sandberg announced the opening of the Public Hearing on the proposed Twain Harte Creek Restoration and Trail Project.    

                                                Manager Kasso passed out a signup sheet for those who would like a private session for individual questions or need more information. 

                                                Manager Kasso gave an overview of the project.  We need to get people out of the street and onto the trails.  Proposition 12 requirements are tied into streams.  We looked at the creek and realized it needed repairs.  When we applied for a grant we tied it into the creek with the objective in mind of a trail around the golf course.  We got the grant for $293,000.  We realized we needed more money.  We got a second grant for $220,000 (Per Capita) to supplement the 1st grant. Then Proposition 40 came along and we got $137,000.  This grant is in limbo.  We need to get the environmental done and approval of the design.  

 The timing for the project is:                                               

June 2005 – Get the environmental and permit process done.  We have to go through the Army Corp of Engineers, State Water Quality, the County, and Fish and Game who has had a lot of input.  We have a snag on the environmental.  It seems the creek is the Red Legged Frog habitat.  That could take more money and time to sort out.  There is a possibility we will have to do an EIR.  We will have a second public hearing on the beginning of the environmental and just strictly the creek restoration. 

                                                July 2005 – Out to bid 

                                                August 2005 – Start construction 

                                                November 2005 – Finished                                               

We are going to bid the project two ways.  One way would be with the help of the inmates and the other way would have the contractor do everything.  Inmates cost $400 a 10-hour day for a supervisor and 14 inmates. 

Manager Kasso and Engineer Galen Grietz of Golden State Engineering gave a presentation with picture slides to the audience.  There was a discussion on the kinds of materials that may be used.  The trees that are flagged will be removed. 

The following questions and statements were presented:

1.      Will there be a tall fence to protect spectators at the location where the two benches will be positioned on Golf Club by Placer Drive.

2.      A good deal of Marquis Drive is not planned to be in the trail.  Would like to see the trail go completely through Marquis and all the way around.  No stopping the trail then starting it again.

3.      Cars may be parked illegally on some parts of Marquis Drive.

4.      Would like to see Marquis Drive shoulder widened from the tennis courts to Twain Harte drive if the trail is actually constructed through there (if Marquis is wide enough, a white stripe can be put on the side of the road so people can not park there).

5.      Suggests a minimal retaining wall between Golf Club Drive and the tennis courts on Marquis Drive to retain the dirt.

6.      Make Marquis Drive to Fuller a one way street

7.      Can the District afford the additional liability insurance and would the District be able to afford the deductible (the law protects public agencies with trails).

8.      Several people expressed  desire to have the trail go between the golf course clubhouse and the shell station so people can get back to their cars without going through town.

9.      Duke York said that  some day someone will apply for a project on the old Twain Harte Lodge property.  If the District addresses the need for a widened shoulder in its project then the county could address that need in any projects in that area.

10.  Would like to see a unisex bathroom at the tennis courts to eliminate urinating in the creek.

11.  There was concern over horses being on the trail and tearing up the surface. 

Manager Kasso, with the Boards permission, will pursue the complete connection of the trail connecting the trail from the Shell station on Twain Harte Drive  back to the park by going between the golf clubhouse and the Shell station. 

Manager Kasso stated the cost to pave the parking lot is $107,000.  It is still in the works but we may need some of the money for the trail. 

It was suggested that the District go out with a base bid for a project that can be built, then perhaps add more if you can for the things that would be nice to have.  It would be a shame to go out with a project that comes in over budget and the District can’t do anything at all. 

President Sandberg closed the public hearing at 8:45p.m. and returned to regular session. 


Chief Kemp Van Ee           

Grant Funds                             We received the VFA matching grant funds of $4,000 for an expenditure of $8,000. 

Engine Repairs                          Engine 723 broke an axle.  Engineer McCoy fixed it and saved us a lot of money.  It was resprung last week and sits nicely now.  It is back in service and handles better. 

New Engine                              The chassis has been ordered for the new engine.  It will be a couple of months before it is delivered. 

Firehouse                                 Les Davey hasn’t showed up yet regarding the structure.



Don Kasso                              

Park                                         The Christmas donation campaign is going extremely well. 

                                                We need to add to the park ordinance about off road bicycles on hillsides.  It will be ready for the January meeting. 

Eproson Field                           The request to dedicate the baseball field as “Paul Eby Field” will be revisited in January. 

Claims Designated person            The District needs to designate a person to determine the timeliness and sufficiency of claims filed against the District. 

                                                Director Bryant introduced Resolution #05-01.  A resolution designating the General Manager as the person to determine the timeliness and sufficiency of claims filed against the District.  Director Johnson moved to adopt resolution # 05-01.  Director Maxwell seconded and the motion carried by the following vote:

                                                Ayes, Directors:  Bryant, Knudson, Maxwell, Johnson, Sandberg         

                                                Noes, Directors:  None                                                Absent:  None                                               
Abstain:  None  

New Employee                         Melinda Boyer from El Dorado Bank will replace Marlys Doyle, customer services representative, who has retired.  Melinda’s first day will be January 4th.  She will be full time. 


Safety Minutes                          Director Knudson moved to approve the safety minutes for water and sewer and fire departments.  Director Johnson seconded and the motion passed unanimously. 


Election of Officers            Director Bryant moved to nominate Jim Johnson as President and Packy Maxwell as Vice President.  Director Knudson moved to close the nominations.  Both motions carried unanimously. 

CLOSED SESSION:            President Sandberg adjourned the meeting to a closed session at the District office at 9:09p.m.for General Manager’s Performance Evaluation pursuant to government code #54957 and also Conference Without Legal Counsel on Anticipated Litigation pursuant to government code #54956.9. 

                                                The Board came out of closed session at 10:10p.m.  No action was taken. 

ADJOURNMENT:                  The meeting adjourned at 10:11p.m.                                                                                                           

                                                                                             Respectfully submitted,                                                        




                                                                                                Carole J. Reyes








Robert E. Sandberg, President (End Dec 04 Minutes)


Board of Directors Meeting

November 16, 2004


The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Twain Harte Community Services District was called to order by President Sandberg at 7:00 p.m. 

DIRECTORS PRESENT:            Bob Sandberg, Jim Johnson, William M. Bryant, Packy Maxwell and Richard Knudson.

DIRECTORS ABSENT:            None.

OTHERS PRESENT:            Asst. Secretary Y. Hilton, Operations Manager Krawchuk and Fire Chief Kemp Van Ee. Mick Grimes and Joan Bergsund of Sonora Area Foundation.  This meeting is on tape #113 & 114. 

PRESENTATION:            Mick Grimes, Executive Director of the Sonora Area Foundation and Joan Bergsund, President of the Board of Directors of the Sonora Area Foundation gave a presentation regarding the Community Indicators Project. There’s a cross-section of 22 people within the County that are involved in the steering committee. The goal is to create a snapshot of the county in the areas of health and safety, community development and economy, education and learning, natural resources and recreation. At the end of the year, a report will be generated which should enable the committee to make good decisions and will be repeated at three-year intervals. As Mick explained, an indicator is a statistical analysis of a certain problem or issue that can be observed at any time. The first year’s budget is $100,000 to do the first phase work. Sonora Area Foundation put up $50,000 as the initial seed money to get this off the ground. We are now turning to the community for another $50,000 or more to sustain the project into the following years. However, as of this morning the California Endowment approved a $50,000 grant to the Sonora Area Foundation for this project, which provides us with a full $100,000. Mick and Joan requested a donation of $2,000 from the Twain Harte Community Services District for 2005 and $2,000 each year thereafter until 2007. These funds are to help sustain the project until it gets on its feet. The second snapshot done in 2008 will not be as expensive as this first year since the committees will be organized, the templates will be done and we will know what resources are available. Sonora Area Foundation will only handle the money.  

                                                Manager Kasso clarified with the Board that the funds would initially come out of administration’s depreciation, but we would have to talk to Paul and Bob regarding the subsequent years and whether we could work with them on some of the funding. If they object, we will pull the funds from administration depreciation.

                                                MOTION: Director Maxwell moved that the Board make a commitment over a three year period for a $2,000 per year donation for three years to Sonora Area Foundation for the Community Steering project. Director Knudson seconded and the motion carried with all members present voting AYE.



COMMUNICATIONS:            None                                               

PRESIDENT’S REPORT:            President Sandberg expressed his thanks to Vice President Jim Johnson for standing in his absence while Sandberg traveled. 

BOARD MEMBERS COMMENTS:  Director Maxwell reported that the Slash ad hoc committee is in the process of putting together a program for next year. Instead of CDF requiring a 30’ clearance, they will be increasing the area to 100’ around the home in 2005. 

CONSENT CALENDAR:            Director Bryant moved to approve the consent calendar consisting of the financial statements through October 31st and the minutes of October 19th. Director Johnson seconded and the motion carried with all members present voting AYE. 

CORRESPONDENCE:            1. Letter from a resident commending the Twain Harte Fire Department for outstanding service in their time of need.                                               

Certificate of Merit            Director Jim Johnson presented a Certificate of Merit to Chief KempVanEe from the Partners of Twain Harte for the beautiful work done by volunteers on the exterior of the firehouse. 

                                                2. Letter from Special District Risk Management Authority, along with a refund check for our participation in maintaining a good record regarding comp/collision insurance. 

3.      Letter from Bob Junger opposing specific trail improvements.




Paul Krawchuk                         There was no Water/Sewer Committee meeting for November.                                               

                                                Operations Manager Krawchuk reported great water being made by operators at the plant.                                               

                                                We made it through the ditch outage with only a couple of minor glitches. We supplied 400,000+ gallons of water to TUD. The rainy weather really helped with keeping water usage at a low level.  

Backwash Tank            The project is basically complete today with the exception of a second coat on the inside and outside of the tank. We are now waiting for our engineer, Les Davey, to do the piping. We would like Loprest, who designed our plant, to do an inspection of the plant, since we’ve made several changes.


Distribution                               A small section of “water” pipe from Sherwood Forest was shown to the Directors to update them as to the type and level of deterioration and subsequent leaks that we’re dealing with. There was a large hole in one part of the “boiler” pipe, and when patched, another hole nearby blew out within 2-3 inches from the previous hole. Apparently, the developer used boiler pipe when the Sherwood Forest subdivision was built. 

T.H. Lake sewer sliplining            A sample of the material being used for “slip lining” behind the Twain Harte Lake was passed around for the Directors to examine. As for now, the project is on hold due to the area being too muddy for the equipment to work and the weather being so unpredictable. We’ll start talking to them again in March or April.  

Preventative Maintenance            We’ve started our holiday preventative maintenance in town, degreasing lift stations as well as having Trixie out today. 



Chief Kemp Van Ee            There was no Fire committee meeting for November. 

Code 4291                               The public resources code 4291 has increased from 30 feet clearance to 100 feet clearance around structures. It will be essentially 100 feet or to the property line. Those living on rural properties may have some issues to deal with. More clarification will be forthcoming. 

7-11 Store                               Per Tom Moebs (owner), the 7-11 store in Twain Harte may be re-opening Thanksgiving week. They have made great progress. 

Equipment/Apparatus            So far, everything is running and alive. Engine 723 still needs to be re-sprung before the dead of winter.  The Sheriff’s department continues to find our medical equipment that was stolen off of Engine 721.


Facility                                     After locating a much larger crack than the previous crack in one of the firehouse walls, I asked Les Davey to re-inspect and assess the situation. Les plans to check the firehouse wall sometime this week.  

Accident                                   An accident occurred with one of the community service people falling off the shed roof where the generator is located. It was basically lack of attention on the individual’s part. The individual had been warned less than a minute prior to the incident to be careful of the edge. She fell, broke her arm and bruised her pelvis. We wrote the incident up, I took pictures and subsequently talked to Fred Hemboldt from probation and based on statements from people at the incident, he agreed that “these things happen.”  I’ve had a discussion with Rico who was supervising the crew at the time of the incident and although the pictures show that all precautions and safety measures were in place, perhaps better decisions could have been made to insure this type of incident doesn’t happen again. 

Personnel                                 Status quo at this time. 

New Engine                              A pre-construction conference was held with the low-bidder, Westates in Woodland. We received four bids, the lowest being $316,693. After some reconsideration of amenities, the cost was reduced to $312,000 plus $22,620 (7.25% sales tax) bringing the grand total to $334,620. The grant we received was for $225,000 and the remaining $110,000 will come from depreciation. Fire Chief KempVanEe requested approval from the Board for authorization to sign the contract authorizing Westates to order the chassis and begin construction.

                                                MOTION: Director Johnson moved to approve the authorization of Chief KempVanEe to sign a contract with Westates up to but not more than $340,000. Director Maxwell seconded and the motion carried with all members present voting AYE. 


Don Kasso                               There will be a public hearing notice in the Union Democrat on Thursday, the 18th of November to announce the public hearing on December 21st at 7:00 p.m., at the Golf Course Clubhouse. The public hearing is regarding the Sierra Nevada Cascade grant that will be used for park improvements with emphasis on the trail and will be prior to our regular Board meeting on the same date. 

Owner notification of

proposed trail                           Letters regarding the proposed trail will be mailed out tomorrow to 228 surrounding and possibly affected property owners notifying them of the specifics regarding the trail. On December 13th, we are scheduled to pre review the proposal with the engineer. Prior to that meeting we will tour the trail to stake the trail as well as mark the trees that are to be removed or affected.

                                                MOTION: Director Johnson moved to approve the notification letter to property owners regarding the proposed trail, Director Knudson seconded and the motion carried with all members present voting AYE. 

Park Use Ordinance            A park use ordinance will be re-drafted and re-presented to the committee. When an improved product is drafted, we’ll get it to the Board for review. 

Playground Equipment            The playground equipment is beginning to deteriorate. We attempted to get three bids, one contractor felt it necessary to back off due to liability insurance, the other two were from Carl Yetter (bid for $2800) and Scott Hastings (bid for $3200). The bid will be awarded to Carl Yetter per the Committee’s instructions. 

Drop box survey            We are currently conducting a survey regarding walk-ins dropping their payments off. With better signage, we’re hoping that more payments will be dropped in the box (slot in door) versus opening the door. Another option is to put a drop box outside. We are also looking into putting a window in the wall between the front office and the second office. This will help to reduce some of the interruptions that cause the ladies in the second office to have to get up and see what’s going on in the front office if the front office person is away from her desk. I’ve had some bad experiences with a drop box, but more positive experiences than bad.  

Bathroom closure            The bathrooms will be closing at the park for the winter. A heater will be put in the piping room, which will be used to keep the pipes from freezing.  

We’ve had some vandalism at the park; November 4th two vehicles had their tires slashed during a SIRS luncheon, and a couple witnessed kids stealing tee flags from the golf course the same day.  

Skatepark                                The Park and Rec Committee have been concerned, as I have, about garbage at the park. I addressed the Skatepark committee and Linda Garcia suggested purchasing picnic tables with sunscreen shades. I ran the idea by approximately eight kids in a group and they really liked the idea. Two picnic tables have been ordered and I’m pricing some shades or coverings. The funds to purchase will come out of the Skatepark funds. This may keep the kids from congregating at the Rotary Stage and may also keep the garbage from being distributed all over the park.



Reseeding Park            We re-seeded the front of the Rotary stage on November 4th. It’s a little late, but we feel it will be a slower germination and I’m confident it will turn out all right.  

Water/Sewer work @ park            The Park and Rec Committee has been updated about how much was spent regarding the Water and Sewer employees doing Park and Rec work which includes Doug. Our budgeted amount was $10,000 and we’re a little bit over that. We’re essentially done with Park and Rec so things should slow down but there still will be some costs to the end of December 30th. We do this on a calendar year, not a fiscal year. We made a huge turnaround from a year ago, spending about $19,000 down to a little over $10,000 this year.  

Donation to Amer Legion            A donation of a large cabinet TV was made to the American Legion Hall from The Rock restaurant, owned by Jim and Diane Dunigan. Manager Kasso will send a thank you letter to the Dunigans for their generosity. The Committee has opted to purchase a VCR instead of installing cable to eliminate ongoing costs and continues to work on upgrading the hall for various uses.  

Christmas donation letter            The letter will be mailed out to 6,000 property owners. Our average donation has been over $40 and if you multiply that by 10% (600 being the conservative amount of returns) the total is approximately $24,000. We have tried to stay conservative in our budgeting. 

Sewer Advisory Committee            Directors Johnson, Maxwell and Bryant, and myself attended this meeting, and the new items of interest are that they are moving ahead on the interceptor. It’s roughly a sewer line for clean-out, about 12,000 feet from where our old sewer plant is to Phoenix Lake Road. They were to begin yesterday. We discussed Infiltration and flow (INI) into the sewer lines and the steps everyone is taking. Also discussed was measuring our flow, which Paul will be talking to TUD to get some sense of a frame of reference to where we are. They expressed a need to obtain more irrigation land to avoid any dumping into Woods Creek. Tree farming is a possibility. 

Customer Serv Rep            Marlys has indicated that she may be moving on, but there are several variables in the situation. She has two offers on her home and is requesting a 60-day escrow. That will put her leaving on January 15th, however, she may opt to take family medical leave. Family medical leave is a function of State Disability Insurance that all employees pay. Nothing is paid by the District but by the employee over time. She may be able to take six weeks, but I’m doing some research to be sure we’re ok. She will get the medical documentation from the doctor, which will be for the care of her husband. She’s inquired about working part time once the six weeks is up and there are some advantages to that. We are going to move forward to hire a permanent person, we’ll advertise immediately because the job is critical due to payroll, billing and customer service. We have Yvonne and Carole as backup for training, but it would be nice to have Marlys train now. The date is tentative due to how the sale of her property progresses. With the Board’s approval we’d like to move forward on this issue. 

                                                President Sandberg suggested that Manager Kasso get something in writing from Marlys and clarify the part time issue.  

                                                Manager Kasso agreed to get a letter in writing and clarify the part time issue. 

ADJOURNMENT:                  Meeting adjourned to closed session at 8:37 p.m.                                                                                                           

 CLOSED SESSION            The Board entered into Closed Session regarding Personnel Manager Annual Performance evaluation, pursuant to Government Code, Section 54957. 

Closed Session adjourned at 8:58 p.m. with no action taken. 


Respectfully submitted,                                                          




                                                                                                            Yvonne Hilton

                                                                                                            Asst. Secretary/Controller                                            







Robert E. Sandberg, President (End of Nov 04 Minutes)



These board minutes will be approved at the November 16, 2004 board meeting then becomes  available to the public.
Received 11/17/04.

The Capitalization plan was reviewed in committee.  The two main priorities are the backhoe and the backwash  tank...
Director Maxwell moved to approve the funding of a new backhoe at $70,678 and a backwash tank at $60,500...With the voter’s approval of Prop 50, Manager Kasso will pursue grants for funding a replacement water system for Sherwood Forest ($800,000) and a SCADA system for water ($70,000)....General Manager Kasso said Manager Krawchuk has done some outstanding things over the last couple of years.  It is making our system one of the best in the county.  It is comparable, if not better, than TUD..The specifications, based on the State OES engine, are completed and are out to bid now.  Bids will be opened this Friday at 10:00.  The engine will meet our needs for 20 years.  We did make some changes.  We have a $225,000 grant and we are required to come up with a 10% match which we can do.  The engine will have pump and roll capabilities.  It will be able to drive along the fire and put it out as the engine is moving.  Delivery will be in May...The three primary fund raisers this summer were the Woodyfest, Craft Fair and the Labor Day Breakfast.  We cleared about $20,000 on the events.  One fellow sold his hot tub for $1,000 and gave the fire department the proceeds.  It is going to cost about $32,000 to replace the JAWS, air bags, and everything we need to do....The 7-11 building is being rebuilt.  It got red tagged this morning because the corporation didn’t get a permit.  The investigation is complete.  It is still confidential at this point....Manager Kasso reported that Ultra Power and Sierra Pacific Industries will not take pine needles next year.  If so, it would shut down the program.  There is a meeting 10-26-04 at CDF in Sonora on how we can deal with the problem.  We are in limbo right now...Meadow Lane belongs to the County up to the drinking fountain and fire hydrant.  It is a dedicated street.  We wanted a 15-MPH speed limit but the speed is 25-MPH for a dedicated street.  Alternatives of removable speed bumps and signs were discussed.  If the road were deeded to the District we could put in a 15-MPH speed limit....General Manager Kasso wove into the Park and Rec budget an additional $2,000 for the American Legion Hall expenses, primarily for utilities.  He increased the Christmas Donation Letter revenue from $12,000 to $14,000 to cover the expenses...How to use the American legion Hall is still in flux.  The Partners made a list of outside and inside improvements that should be done.  The Partners are very enthusiastic about the Hall.  There will be a paragraph in the Christmas Donation Letter about the Hall in the hope that it will generate some money.  General Manager Kasso would like to work with the Partners on improvements and how to use the Hall.  He will work with the Park and Rec committee on what rental to charge for its use.  If there is any money left in the Per Capita grant after our projects are done we could use it on the American Legion Hall because the Hall is in the Park and Rec Department....General Manager Kasso proposed a public hearing at the American Legion Hall to review the design of the trail around the golf course.  It has to be publicized 30 days in advance.  Letters will go out to all affected property owners about the public hearing.  The Board is the approving authority for the project.  After the public hearing we will make any changes, then in January the design will go to the State for their OK.  From January to June environmental permits will be done.  There is a person in Fish & Game who is very unreasonable in his requests to us.  He wants us to move the children’s playground and the Rotary stage to another location so the big hole in the creek can be fixed a certain way.  This man is definitely an issue but we will go over his head if we have to.  Construction would start in June and finish in November.  The cost is about $500,000 utilizing the prisoners to do the retaining walls and grubbing.  They cost $400 a day but we get 14 men, a supervisor, and some equipment which would be a big savings to us.  There is a lot hinging on the bid....the added trash at the skateboard park and damage to the Rotary stage are serious problems and the board is pursuing solutions, bringing ina ll parties concerned...The playground equipment has started to fail.  The wood itself is deteriorating and the design was flawed... The Christmas Letter will go out December 3rd.     


These board minutes will be approved at the October 19, 2004 board meeting and then become available to the public.  Received 11/9/04.

The board approved the minutes of July 20 and August 17/04....Tablets will be a give-a-way to customers suspecting leaks in their water systems...New water/sewer employee Lise Lemmonier was introduced and welcomed by board members...The slash program ended on Sep 6/04...Fire Engine 721 has been placed back in service after transmission and electronics re-building...Next, Fire Engine 723 is scheduled to get new front springs...
The chief is now driving the new "somewhat smaller Blazer.  It's nice and reliable". The old blazer is essentially in service, but requires some work. Park Ordinance 25-05 prescribes regulations for the District Park and Recreation facilities, but was not read aloud.  There was no Park and recreation Committee Report as Don Kasso was on vacation.

These board minutes will be approved at the September 20, 2004 board meeting and then become available to the public.  Received 10/4/04.

Renters )instead of landlords) can pay for their water & sewer if they come to the THCSD office...two water  users contested in letters procedural issues of THCSD, but no policy change ensued...our water system is producing great water!!...The Fire Department applied for a matching grant for wildlife safety equipment and received about $3,900...The 7-11 fire was a major fire, with several injuries, but a good outcome...The draft specs on the new engine is nearly done...Homeless persons in the Eproson Park have vacated the slept at the Post Office...The hide-a-bed sofa used by
vagants was quickly removed once reported...The American Legion Hall transfer to the district is final...The prepaid garbage bag program is going hot and heavy...To date 2,600 bags have been distributed for a total of $13,000...The Trail & Creek project is moving slowly.  Environmental will take a year.  Don't look for anything to happen until next summer.  Fish and Game turned our whole design upside down...Park and Rec had a good year.  We had $17,000 in revenue over what we budgeted...Park and Rec looks healty right now...Wage increases for Secretary-Controller now paid $13.56 (Controller $20.15) was discussed...We have a grease problem in town.  The maintenance of grease traps in restaurants could be lacking.

These minutes were yet not approved at the August 16,2004 board meeting and will now become available after approval at the September 20, 2000 board meeting. Received 10/4/04.

Approximately 2,501 people have been through the slash site...The curbside pick-up was not cost-effective..but, the slash site was effective...Water and sewer rates increased this month (20th July). Water from $25 to $26 for base rate, and sewer $25 to $27...Personnel roster is maintaining at 26...Chief KempVanEe requested approval for a funds transfer to pay for the 2004 Blazer purchased for use as the Fire Chief's vehicle.  The old one will be used as a back-up... Firehouse improvements of siding, paint, labor  etc were free...There appears to be a direct correlation between the Skate Park going in and the escalating problems at the park. There are situations of fights, verbal abuse, under age smoking, drinking, roller skating on the Rotary stage, etc.  The THCSD is considering posting camera surveillance...
The county is leaning toward using the tank site for access.  We may end up in litigation with the Flickers and Silvas.  This issue has political connotations...There may be an Eproson Park Special Assessment in the future.

Pressure and invectives from customers who want their piles moved right away has caused difficulties.  The THCSD office has been dramatically impacted by the slash program.  In general, people like the program and think it is great....Larry Qvistgard has volunteered much time to assist with administration...There are major grease build-ups in town and businesses need to use degreasers...loitering by kids in the Eproson Playground is necessitating repairs...The community is embracing an effort to get tough with offenders...When the Legion Hall is transferred to THCSD, rates will be established for rentals. When it is transferred "we will ask for public input, through The Partners on what we should do with the facility"....The Twain Harte Creek restoration environmental costs went from $7,000 to $45,000, because of the possibility of the California Red-Legged Frog in the creek....

The Twain Harte American Legion Hall has gifted the title to the American Legion Hall on Manzanita Drive to the Twain Harte Community Services District with the agreement that THCSD would not sell it before 20 years without the Legion's approval...the Sugar Pine Trail support and opposition were reviewed.  Several residents spoke to the Directors about issues of concern.... Manager Kasso discussed the rise in juvenile problems at the Eproson Park, with a doubling of underage drinking arrests over the previous year. Smoking and fights are also a problem....The Slash Program has taxed THCSD resources and will be revamped based on this year's experiences....The Senate Bill 1272 (Brown Act) permits payment to Directors of $100 per meeting, with no more than 10 meetings per month....Joseph Mumford was selected by his peers and commended by a resolution of the THCSD as 2003 Firefighter-of-the Year...Steve Kurgan ("Woody") and others have begun the re-siding of the firehouse with rough-milled wood....Welcome to our new firefighter volunter Ryan Vallelunga!....the Twain Harte Inn has finally been sold....the community project to move and spread 75 yards of bark and stain both sides of the park fence went very well--with excellent turnout....The Sugar Pine trail is in trouble. There will be no action until clarification is received from the county...

Skate Park (Apr 20/04)
Due to the illness of Linda Garcia, Manager Kasso reported on the Skate Park clean-up program made up of 6 voluntary groups.  There have been some injuries to-date: a broken arm, a concussion, and damaged ribs.

American Legion Building  (Apr 20/04)
An offer has been made to the THCSD about deeding the American Legion Property to the district.  Maintenance costs are considered minimal. The THCSD is considering the offer.

Golf Course Trail  (Apr 20/04)
Manager Kasso conducted a community tour of the proposed circuit of the trail around the golf course.  If the board goes forward, the project would go to bid and start construction late Spring of 2005 with a completion date of Fall 2005.  Several board meeting community attendees raised issues about the construction of the trail. There will be a Public Hearing late in the summer.

Sugar Pine Trail:  (Apr 20/04) 
This project is in the right-of-way and EIR stage.  The county has received a lot of negative responses on the equestrian issue.  "If a private property owner decides to gate the trail across their property, the trail is gone."  The trail is to be maintained by the THCSD with major repairs to be done by the Tuolumne Utilities District and the County.


Water Treatment Back-up Power (Mar/04):
Reviews are underway to replace "Sparkie", the current portable generator at the Water Treatment Facility with a permanent mount generator to operate the plant during power outages.

FEMA Grant (Mar/04):
Specifications for the new Twain Harte fire engine are still being written. A Sonora engine reviewed was closest to the style and type of engine needed.

Twain Harte Trail  Project Grant (Mar/04):
The THCSD is working with liaison Director Bob Bader of the Twain Harte Golf Club regarding the encroachment on the course property to facilitate the walkway by building retainer walls. "We will attempt to get an article (about the walkway) in the paper, but will ultimately take the plan to the Partners of Twain Harte, because they represent all the service clubs in Twain Harte". 

2004-05 Water & Sewer Rate Hikes (Feb/04):

Water and sewer rate hikes (approved last year) for 2004-'05 will increase from $25 to $26 per month for water, and $25 to $27 per month for sewer for single-family residences. The commodity rate will remain unchanged.

Christmas Donations (Feb/04):

Contributions to THCSD are currently at $21,250.

Twain Harte Loop-Trail (Jan/04):
The surveyor's boundaries staking for the Twain Harte loop-trail around the golf course is completed.  The environmental study will take about six months, and the project will take approximately one year.  Any trees under  8" in diameter in the  way of the trial could be subject to removal. The plan is to put this project out for bid by early summer.

THCSD Audit (Dec/03):

The District is healthy. The auditor's District Compliance Letter was clean.  "This is one of the nicest and cleanest audits we ever had", says Board President Bryant.

Vandalism Payment (Dec/03):
The District received a check for $25 in partial payment for a juvenile who vandalized the park.  The court order is for about $1400.


Skate Park Construction Update:
The Twain Harte Skate Park in Eproson Park is up and in full swing.

New Coasting Devices Ordinance:
On 12/18/03 the Twain Harte Community Services District passed Odinance No. 24 that is identical to the Tuolumne County ordinance.  CSD plans to post a sign at the new skateboard park prohibiting the use of bikes inside the skateboard park.

County Counsel recommended that CSD pass a CSD ordinance rather than simply relying on the County ordinance.  Enforcement will fall to the Sheriff's Department and CHP under the new ordinance, which reads, in part:

C.  Use and operation.
    a.  It is unlawful for any person to use or operate a coasting device on any public park, playground or recreation area or other public property when there has been posted signs prohibiting the use of said coasting device.  
    b.  It is unlawful for any person to operate or use any coasting device upon any private parking lot or shopping center when signs prohibiting such activity are displayed.  

D. Exceptions.  This ordinance shall not apply in any of the following instances:
    B.  Bicycles that are used on the main travel portion of any public street or alley as provided for in the California Vehicle Code.

The ordinance can be viewed at the CSD offices in Twain Harte.  It does not outlaw bicycle riding on public streets.

Trail Around The Golf Course & Twain Harte Creek Restoration Within Eproson Park: “The surveying of Eproson Park to begin the draining repair, the Twain Harte Creek repair, and the trail around the golf course has started. The actual construction completion date for this project will be the Fall of 2004. The environmental work will take 6 to 8 months to complete because of all the governmental agencies that need to be involved.”